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  1. I saw that the Ontario government is expected to cut tuition fees for domestic students by 10% beginning in fall 2019. Does anyone know if this will affect law students/schools as well?
  2. I've been lucky enough to have received offers from Osgoode, Queens, Ottawa and Dalhousie, but I am leaning towards Osgoode or Queens. I was pretty set on Osgoode but since receiving an offer from Queens yesterday, I am having doubts. The "prestige" factor is definitely drawing me to Osgoode, as well as the huge class selection. What is less appealing to me is North York, and the cost of housing. It may sound trivial to some but having a nice apartment/housing during law school is very important to me (hellooo mental health!). What appeals to me about Queen's is the campus itself, the housing prices, and the community. I especially love the idea of the 25-people cohort. I am a social person and I need a good social circle if I am going to make it through law school. Am I crazy to be thinking of going to Queens over Osgoode? Should I still be considering Ottawa and Dalhousie? A few things about me: I'm from BC and would love to go back to BC at some point in my career I am not necessarily interested in a Bay Street job I currently work in politics, therefore I'm leaning towards Public Law but I'd like to keep my options open I am fully bilingual Smaller classes and a tight-knit community are appealing to me
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    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    Sorry, bad BC habit... I definitely meant Ontario/Eastern Canada when I said East Coast, not Atlantic Canada.
  4. minifrenchie

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    I didn’t apply to any BC schools. I did my undergrad at UVic and Vancouver is completely unaffordable now. + I’m planning to work on the East coast after graduating, but eventually move back to BC.
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    Accepted to Queens 2019

    Me too! LSAT: 165 GPA: 3.8 BC Resident Might decline for Osgoode.
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    uOttawa v. Queens

    Just received an offer from them this morning!