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  1. Do most firms schedule in 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm slots on the first day? I've gotten a few ITCs from boutiques with no timing information. I'm trying to make a tentative schedule but I feel like I'm going into call day blind. 😶
  2. Has anyone heard from Goldblatt and Cavaluzzo?
  3. If you want to do aboriginal and environmental UVic has the best professors in those fields. if you want to stay in Ontario, have you thought about Queens at all? They have a fantastic criminal law program and great public/constitutional scholars.
  4. Queen’s has amazing criminal law professors and is the only school to offer a prison law clinic! Tuition is also lower than Osgoode.
  5. Queen’s takes a more holistic approach. You’re lsat is definitely competitive. If you have a strong resume, you could actually get in with your current gpa. A 3.75/164 will very likely get you in.
  6. Yeah schedules vary widely. If it helps, at least you don’t have a 3h property class on Fridays like we did last year!
  7. Queen's! Happy to chat if you'd like.
  8. They may have changed the format this year. I received a personal email from her asking me to be a tutor. All that is required is an academic reference.
  9. It depends where you are! I'm currently doing online classes from B.C. and I have to wake up at 7:00am for a 10am class. I'll be going back to Kingston in the fall, since 830am classes would not be feasible for me.
  10. I’m 26 and I just finished 1L! Don’t worry about age, a good number of my friends are 24-27. To be honest, from my experience people who take a break after undergrad tend to do better in law school.
  11. Defer if you can! 1. It sounds like this inters hip is your dream. 2. I worked for two years post-undergrad and honestly I’m so happy I did. Having « real » work experience has really opened up opportunities for me in 1L. 3. If you’re a social person, doing 1L online might be really hard. I know it would have been for me. You’ve probably heard this countless times but the law school community is what makes law school special. If you’re an extrovert like me, having a good group of friends and support system is so crucial to doing well in law school!
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