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  1. Dalhousie includes graduate degree marks as well.
  2. Without 'outing' myself IRL, I used to be an army recruiter, feel free to ask me any specific questions about the recruitment process, training, deployments, etc. The only downside is the Army Reserve doesn't recruit JAGs, that is all done centrally, so my experience there is tertiary. However, I have worked with many JAGs and can provide some inputs on the training and the day to day.
  3. Click out of the screen, then click back. You will see the first one you added, then when you go to add another school, you will see the second one you added. If you try to add a third it will be blank. I think this means it worked.... But it doesn't feel super intuitive.
  4. I use 'Regards' for almost everything in a professional context (not a lawyer.... yet). On the rare occasion when I'm running hot, I will end an email with 'Respectfully' which is akin to closing with f*** you.
  5. Dalhousie also counts graduate marks in their L2 formula.
  6. Does Dal offer many evening classes? Or are you able to take everything on a sort of 9-5 schedule.
  7. Just make sure you research the categories for each school and what their nomenclature is. At Dalhousie, 'Mature' is an applicant who does not have an undergraduate degree, but has significant experience in their chosen field. 'Special Status' is someone who has both.
  8. If you think 7sage may be necessary to improve LG, you should spend more time on necessary vs sufficient conditions in LR!
  9. Once you have your LSAT score, update the thread for better responses.
  10. I'm pretty sure it opens the 1st of September.
  11. GM - Well said, that has also been my experience!
  12. Good Day, I am planning to apply to Dalhousie (and only Dalhousie) in 2020 to attend in 2021. I would like to ask about my chances early so that I have some time to improve as best I can. As an older guy with a wife and kids, I need to really plan ahead to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. Stats: LSAT - 164 L2 - 3.7 (Includes 36 credit hours from my MBA & 24 from my undergrad) cGPA - 3.3 Nova Scotia Resident Strong ECs / LoR / PS (At least I think so, who really knows though?) I have a rudimentary understanding of the Dalhousie acceptance formula from old threads and my stats put me at .808. As a Maritime resident this score seems to be competitive, however I do have a few questions for clarification. I know that Dal considers marks from masters programs in general, but do they include these from part time students? I currently work full time and do my MBA part time. My L2 is strong but my cGPA is relatively weak, is this factored in? Please feel free to let me know my chances, add an anecdote, or to provide any advice to help make me more competitive when the time comes and I thank you in advance for your time, - K
  13. I had a similar question and I spoke to Rose at Dalhousie about mature student status. She stated that it gives you ‘two’ passes through admissions. You get reviewed as a ‘regular applicant’, which is L2 and LSAT 60/40 and if not successful they will look at you again as a ‘mature applicant’. It can only help you at Dal.
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