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  1. Just got waitlisted. Surprised as my LSAT is subpar... L2 GPA 3.85 LSAT 155 EC’s: 3 years work experience in business development. Student leadership experience throughout my undergrad. Likely will not be attending as I got accepted to my preference, U of A. Good luck all!
  2. Does anyone have insight into whether courses will be delivered on campus or online? I planning on moving to Edmonton, but if courses are just online I would likely wait...
  3. Like a week after applications opened. Submitted my PS in late November
  4. Accepted today at 1pm. Longest wait of my life. LSAT 155 L2 GPA 3.85 unconfirmed Congrats to those accepted and best of luck to those still waiting!
  5. Thanks! I called today and they are too busy right now to do GPA confirmations unfortunately... just crossing my fingers that my manual calculation was accurate.
  6. I haven’t been accepted, waitlist, or rejected at ucalgary yet. Anyone know what to make of that? I’m not confident about getting into u of c, but not getting a rejection yet makes me think there is hope?
  7. I’m at a L2 3.85 and 155 LSAT. Thoughts?
  8. In for sure. 3.75 falls under 3.8 in the admissions profile, and there were 6 in that range last year
  9. I sent this exact question to the admissions team. The answer is yes, 3.45 is considered 3.5 on the applicant profile. In my case, I had a 3.85 and was wondering if it is listed as 3.9 on the applicant profile, which it is. They also reminded me that the applicant profile does not include those who were accepted via holistic reviews.
  10. Does anyone have experience with applying for accommodations due to test anxiety?
  11. Does any one have recommendations? I am just looking to meet with a tutor for a few hours to practice some logic games
  12. I fit into the 13 people with a 3.9 L2 and 155 LSAT on the 2019/20 admissions profile. Since I have these stats, and 13 people were accepted with similar (and lower) stats last year, do I have a good (95%) chance of acceptance? I am considering rewriting my LSAT in January and would be VERY grateful for any advice. Thanks a bunch!
  13. I am doing some research on which schools to apply to, and I have a few questions for current students (or anyone that knows). I am interested in learning about the culture at the U of A... are grades posted publicly? Do books needed for common assignments get hidden or go missing? Do students socialize much out of classes? Is it easy to get involved with student clubs? Grateful for any input!
  14. Does anyone know when applications will open for fall 2020?
  15. Any idea when applications for fall 2020 open?
  16. I know this may be a dumb question, but I want to be absolutely sure. I plan to apply for fall 2020 as soon as applications open. If I don't hear back in the early admissions round, is it possible to go ahead and write the Jan 2020 LSAT and have that contribute to my application?
  17. Thanks!! Does a 3.85 and 155 hold good chances or should I rewrite?
  18. Can anyone confirm: what the admission formula is? If GPA L2 and LSAT are eveninly weighted?
  19. Looking at the U of A admission chart, I see that they have accepted applicants with these credentials before. Does that mean it is an automatic acceptance, or is it dependent on other factors as well?
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