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  1. Anyone else going to the welcome day event next week in Vancouver? I'm not too sure about what to wear haha
  2. You'll be fine. 163 is an insane first score (assuming you did it under timed conditions). Aim for 167-170
  3. Has anyone spoken with admissions regarding whether this years cycle is different from previous years?
  4. Yea, it still said app forwarded for review
  5. I just got the call. Applied on December 8th with a 3.85/4.33 after drops and 164 lsat
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they're waiting to make more acceptances after the January LSAT? Since it's month earlier now
  7. Anyone know if they're waiting for January LSAT marks before making more offers? Based on the last few years threads it looks like offers were the first half of January
  8. Hey guys, Is anyone able to confirm how UBC converts letter grades? a) Do they convert each individual grade using the corresponding percentage (eg: A = 86x3, A- = 80x3 etc) and divide the total by your number of units. b) Or do they just subtract the grade points of your 12 lowest credits and recalculate your GPA (which is then converted to a percent using their GPA/% scale, found here https://students.arts.ubc.ca/advising/academic-performance/gpa-equivalency/). For example, my 3.75 (81%) becomes a 3.85 (83%) after drops I have seen various answers to this question across the forum, and was wondering if anyone has directly spoken to the admissions office. For myself, method A gives me a .7% higher average. Thanks!
  9. I recently applied on December 8th. They likely just haven't looked at your application yet
  10. Hey everyone, Just wanna be 100% sure, but auto admission would mean you're essentially guaranteed admission based off of only your stats? My GPA is 3.85/4.33 after drops and my LSAT percentile is 89 (164). Which would give me an index score of 926.25. Assuming that the auto admit score of 905 that was posted is accurate, am I basically guaranteed a spot regardless of how good or bad my PS is? Thanks.
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