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  1. I heard Baker McKenzie sent ITCs to Queen's shortly after our OCIs Also, for those who have now received more in-firms than you need, could you start letting firms know if you will not be accepting their in-firm as soon as possible? It would help out those of us who are still waiting and might be next on their list.
  2. I only know they went out for Queen's really hope you're right!
  3. the silence... is killing me lol have all schools finished OCIs? If not, does anyone know when the last day will be? It seems a lot of firms are waiting to complete OCI's at all schools before finalizing their in-firm list
  4. has anyone from Queen's heard from McMillan? Stikeman sent out ITCs yesterday morning
  5. Davies and Blakes sent PFOs and ITCs. Bennett Jones and Fasken sent ITCs, but not sure about PFOs.
  6. So far today, heard back from Blakes, Bennett Jones, and Fasken. Davies reached out yesterday (Queen's)
  7. does anyone know whether firms continue to send out ITCs/PFOs on the weekend?
  8. I'm wondering the same thing. Though, I think we should likely receive ITCs this week. Our OCI offers are supposed to be available on the morning of Jan. 26, so there's a lot less time this year between deadlines and offers. EDIT: The Jan. 26 deadline is for Queen's. Not really sure what's happening at other schools.
  9. Yes, I've sent it over. But still hoping to get a few sets of eyes on it for perspective
  10. Replying a little late, but thank you for this! These resources definitely helped. I'm jumping back on this thread since I've now created my cover letter. Is there anyone who is familiar with the OCI process willing to review my cover letter and provide some feedback? I'm applying strictly to full service firms. Please PM
  11. Okay, and I ask again, what was the point of asking? Ultimately, whether or not he articled, he secured a position through the OCI process and provided his experience on that and that alone. Whether or not he decided to pursue a different career path after is irrelevant. Let's leave the LinkedIn investigating for another time.
  12. lol I can see why that other poster found this forum "toxic". OP said nothing about offering any kind of consulting services or advertising for anything. Just said he would share his experience regarding recruitment, and tbh, it's an experience that has been mentioned on this forum many, many times. He also already mentioned he was a former lawyer, so what was the point of asking whether he is? Lastly, luck definitely seems to play a role in OCI's, regardless of who you are. As a long time lurker on this forum, a lot of seemingly good candidates seemed to have fell through the cracks despite having all the right qualities. For a lot of anxious students gearing up for OCI's, including myself, OP's post is a good reminder that some things will be out of your control and all you can really do is your best, and perhaps not beat yourself up if you end up empty-handed at the end. It's an important message, particularly during this cycle due to COVID and the additional challenges it's brought. Thanks for sharing, Arash.
  13. Hi all, I plan on participating in the Toronto Recruit and need some guidance. How long should it take to complete your resume and cover letters? Should you tailor for each firm? I feel like I've barely had time to breathe this semester, so I haven't really started. I wanted to finish my apps in December after exams but am I cutting it too close? Our CDO has noted they have reduced capacity to look at application materials in January... who else should I ask to review my materials? Also, if anyone has some good resources for resume/cover letter help, please post. Thanks!
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