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  1. I’m not sure as I wasn’t checking regularly, but everything was completed by Feb 1 for me. LSAT was November
  2. accepted today at 11:30. GPA: 3.7/8 LSAT: 157 will be declining for the UofA! good luck to those waiting still.
  3. In the Additional Info letter it says there’s a second non-refundable $500 deposit to confirm registration due June 1 - so maybe if you don’t make that payment they’ll assume that you are forfeiting your spot?
  4. just received my acceptance email! 3.7/8 and a 157 LSAT! will 100% be accepting 😊
  5. These don’t really sound like compelling reasons for why law school is something you’re passionate about....
  6. L2 I believe is a 3.73 and 157 LSAT - kind of expected but I was getting a bit higher on PTs. I’m not sure if I should retake or not.... Considering the next exam is Jan 26, I’m not sure I have enough time to improve as much as I’d like. What should I do?? 🙈
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