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  1. As a foreigner who’s applied to law schools in both US and Canada (and got accepted in schools from both countries), just 4 things: 1. Law school is a numbers game. 2/3rd of weight is given to LSAT and GPA. 1/3 for personal statement. 2. Go to the place of your choice. How is anyone supposed to tell you which province you’d like? 3. That’s the annual tuition. You’ll be paying 3x the annual tuition for 3 years tuition. 4. Whether or not you retake is up to you. Do what you want. Your score however disqualifies you from Toronto, UWO, Osgoode, Alberta, British Columbia, Windsor, Ottawa, McGill, Queen. You can apply to Saskatchewan, Dalhousie and they’re both inexpensive law schools as well as easier to get into. all the best. I hope that helped.
  2. The ACORN payment site notes that payment may be made by money order or by credit card (which I would really really prefer) whereas The steps for newly admitted students says: ”$500 in Canadian currency, in the form of a certified cheque or money order only, payable to “University of Toronto”. “ anyone with any experiences here who can help me out? Can I pay by credit card?
  3. What happens if I provisionally accept offers to 2 different law schools? Which one becomes firm? Also I will be absolutely certain by May - I need to discuss finance a with my parents to reach a decision - so I will withdraw from one of the admittance ASAP and not block any applicants. So how does all that work? Can anyone please help me out. Thank you!
  4. Although I got my offer for admission from the UofT 3 days ago, my choices/offers page still doesn’t show the accept (firm, provisional) options. Am I on the same boat as everyone else?
  5. Admitted. 13/March/2019 International student - 3.8/169
  6. Of the 200 admitted students for Toronto, how many do you reckon are selected in round 3 and how competitive do you think it is? Like is it 67-67-66 or is it good candidates- good candidates- remaining or none at all. My stats are 169/3.78. International student.
  7. UofT and Western. Although I really wanted to apply to Osgoode, I was too late :(. LSAT June 2018.
  8. I did all of those things (LSAT - June 2018) although maybe it’s delayed by the fact that WES sent them my evaluated report quite late? But I’ve confirmed with the Universities that my application is complete.
  9. 3.78 out of 4.0 assessed by WES. I thought my PS wasn’t too shabby except I made a mistake in one place.
  10. I haven’t received a call or a mail from any law schools. Is it because I made a mistake in my PS and missed out a “that” in one place. (The sentence has a “that” and the sentence looks very odd without it). Kinda down 😭😭
  11. Applying to Western University and Toronto. 3.77 CGPA and 169 LSAT.
  12. I’ve been trying to call Osgoode Hall (YorkU) and no one is picking up any calls or answering any emails. Do they have vacations now?
  13. I selected two law schools to apply to: Western and University of Toronto. And now I have asked for permission for late application to Osgoode. If they do grant me the permission to apply there, would I able to open the portal for applying to a new law school on OLSAS? And how should I do it? Has anyone done this before where they have only applied to 2 of their 3 choices and did the remainder later?
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