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  1. hey guys, i mistakenly thought the CV ryerson wanted was the autobiographic sketch portion of the application and not an actual pdf attachment in SAM. I've emailed Ryerson about this but i haven't heard back from them yet. Is my application to Ryerson trashed now because of this? any info would help thanks!
  2. I was wondering what my chances will be with these stats for really any school in Canada. I'll be going into my last year of undergrad this September so I'll have a year to raise my gpa. I'm honestly stressing quite a bit about this as I feel my chances of going to law school are getting slimmer and slimmer so any advice/perspective would help! Thanks! Oh and also if anyone could explain if and how first semester grades in fourth year (while in fourth during applications) are used in L2 calculations, that would help me a lot!
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