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  1. Yes they have completely re-done the awards application system for everyone so this year will probably be different . Don’t worry if you didn’t get any entrance scholarships, more awards normally become available throughout the summer and the rest of the school-year so there’s still lots available . As far as I know , it’s mostly the early admits in December that get the scholarships with their acceptance and not so much big wave that comes in January/February.
  2. I’ve only heard back from 2 of the firms I’ve applied to for interviews . No news at all from any of the others . My applications on Vilaw just say “Reviewed” , I’m not sure if that’s supposed to change to “accepted” or “rejected” or similar . I’ve heard that most interview invitations have already gone out , so I’m not liking my chances for more . Everyone I’ve talked to says they haven't heard anything back either, though I understand there’s very few jobs in the Edmonton recruit. Do firms in Edmonton send out rejections like they do in Calgary or do they just not notify you at all if they’re not interested in you?
  3. I’m not liking what my chances of getting a call-back during the formal 1L recruit are looking like. Is it a good idea to cold message smaller firms or even non-law firms ( real estate, patent office, notaries, publishers, immigration, etc.) ? I’m not taking about firms that explicitly say that they don’t participate in recruits or don’t take on 1Ls. These won’t have a formal program for law students, but I’d be willing to do some kind of internship or secretarial work for the experience. I don’t want to spend my summer not doing something law-related because then I feel that would put me in a really bad situation for the 2L recruit . Is this a good idea ? Has anyone here done that and been successful ?
  4. I've been reading a lot about preparing for law school and most of the books about this are American. They often talk about commercial outlines , hornbooks , or notes that you can buy to supplement your own or as a study aid. I've never heard of any of these existing in Canada and haven't been able to find any when I've searched. Does this sort of thing exist in Canada ? If they do , are they helpful or worth getting ? Are there any non-textbook books I should look into getting to help with studying?
  5. Just got accepted . LSAT - 157 GPA - 3.94 Will be declining
  6. Waitlisted today LSAT - 157 GPA - 3.94 I've been accepted somewhere else so I will ask to be taken off the waitlist.
  7. Just got the email LSAT - 157 GPA - 3.95/4.00 No Sask Connection Will not be accepting
  8. If I pay through the Bear Tracks form for paying tuition , will it work ?
  9. Got the email around 2:00pm. L2: 3.95 (or 3.96 depending on if they rounded up) LSAT 157
  10. I was basically in the same place last year and was Waitlisted.
  11. Is there a way to find price estimates for tuition , housing , textbooks , etc .per school ?
  12. Got the acceptance email today but never got the application assessment email . GPA - 3.95/4 LSAT - 157
  13. Just received the email a couple minutes ago. GPA - 4.10 in the Manitoba scale ( I think , I don't know if any grades were dropped) LSAT -157
  14. This year I have a 6 credit full-year course that will only receive a mark at the end of the winter semester. On the fall transcript it shows up as "IP" (in progress). How will this affect my L2 GPA? Is it just ignored because I haven't actually completed those credits yet ?
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