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  1. Just got accepted . LSAT - 157 GPA - 3.94 Will be declining
  2. Waitlisted today LSAT - 157 GPA - 3.94 I've been accepted somewhere else so I will ask to be taken off the waitlist.
  3. Just got the email LSAT - 157 GPA - 3.95/4.00 No Sask Connection Will not be accepting
  4. If I pay through the Bear Tracks form for paying tuition , will it work ?
  5. Got the email around 2:00pm. L2: 3.95 (or 3.96 depending on if they rounded up) LSAT 157
  6. I was basically in the same place last year and was Waitlisted.
  7. Is there a way to find price estimates for tuition , housing , textbooks , etc .per school ?
  8. Got the acceptance email today but never got the application assessment email . GPA - 3.95/4 LSAT - 157
  9. Just received the email a couple minutes ago. GPA - 4.10 in the Manitoba scale ( I think , I don't know if any grades were dropped) LSAT -157
  10. This year I have a 6 credit full-year course that will only receive a mark at the end of the winter semester. On the fall transcript it shows up as "IP" (in progress). How will this affect my L2 GPA? Is it just ignored because I haven't actually completed those credits yet ?
  11. Just got the email today ! GPA - 3.95/4 LSAT - 157 Currently finishing a Bachelors and no connection to NB.
  12. So I accidentally wrote that my degree was awarded in April 2016 , when the correct date is going to be June 2020. I contacted both the faculty of law and student connect about this and they told me that it could be fixed if i just submitted a request for it through their contact form. it's been over two weeks since that and they haven't answered me . Is there anything that I can do about this ?
  13. I have my heart set on the U of A but I’d like to apply to other schools as a safety net . I’m not sure it’s worth it to apply to schools in Ontario as I would prefer to stay in Alberta or BC. MY LSAT isn’t great so I’m afraid of not applying to enough schools . LSAT 157 , GPA 3.95. I’m thinking of applying to the UofA , UofC , Tru , UBC , UVic , Saskatchewan and Manitoba . Is that a good number to be applying to ?
  14. GPA : 3.95/4 LSAT : 157 ( only writing) I don't really have extracurricular activities , but I am part of an honors program and have participated in a departmental committee. I've also received a few awards specific to my degree.
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