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  1. Due to not receiving any response from the U of A at this point , I’m assuming it’s probably not meant to be this year . However , I’m only in third year undergrad at the U of A and I’m looking at my course selection for next year . I’m in an Honors program and to fulfill my credit requirements I would only need to take two courses per semester plus the 6 credit thesis registration which does not take up a time slot . My question is if it would look bad on my application next year if I only took two courses in the fall ?
  2. It was with the Faculty of Arts . I was in an Honors program but the course requirements were too restricted and I wouldn’t have been able to take as many classes as I wanted . With Honors majors you can’t just switch , you have to send in an application . So I sent mine in in September with their guarantee that it would be accepted since it was a program with the same requirements as the one I was currently in and I was supposed to hear back after the Fall semester . Come June I still haven’t heard anything from them , so I called them . Turns out my application was placed in the wrong pile on someone’s desk for months and no one got to it until I called to ask .
  3. As someone whose application has actually been lost before by the U of A , this fear is all too real .
  4. Mine is still pending too LSAT 157 GPA 3.9 I'm still in third year , so I suspect they'll put me in holistic review if they don't just waitlist me
  5. Does anyone have any experience with the Second Year Applicant category ? I think that's where they are going to put me since I'm still in Third Year. My stats would most likely have gotten me in in the Regular Category had I been in Fourth Year , considering the stats of the people who have been accepted . But I really don't know what to expect since the university hasn't told me anything
  6. Now that the first round seems to be over , how long do you think it will be before people in other categories start to hear back. When I called the faculty they told me that they would put me in either the Second Year Applicant category or in the Holistic category and that I would be notified at some point as to how they were looking at my application . Does anyone known when I might hear back , even if just for an update and not a definitive answer?
  7. Shouldn't everyone have their LSAT scores in anyways since it's past the documentation deadline ? By the way , do you remember who helped you on the phone ?
  8. Thanks for the encouragement. I did always have a plan to re-take the LSAT if I didn't get in this time . I didn't study too hard the first time around so I'm pretty sure I can do a few points better , though I'm not sure it would make much of a difference.
  9. So I called them and they said that since I wouldn't have 90 credits by the documentation deadline then I would either be considered for Holistic Review or as a Second Year Applicant. Either way they should notify me about it at some point through email or Bear Tracks If that information is true then they should really change the wording on their website to the 90 credits needed to be completed before the documentation deadline and not before the September for which admission is sought. The current wording makes it seem as if people in my situation are regular applicants. By the way , I would say that the man on the phone was a bit rude . He did take the time to answer my questions , but when I told him that I thought that the wording was confusing he said "Well no one else has any trouble with it". Either way this is a real let down for me since I thought that I was most likely in , but now they might as well have sent me the rejection letter already.
  10. Wouldn’t they call them Two Year Admits in that case ?
  11. I just found some different wording for the admission requirements An undergraduate degree, or at least the first three years* (90 credits) of a program leading to an undergraduate degree. The degree or credits must be from the University of Alberta or an institution recognized by the University of Alberta, and it must have been completed prior to beginning law school. https://www.ualberta.ca/law/programs/juris-doctor/admissions
  12. Judging by the email I received I'd assume both applications are sent in the same way and they decide internally. It would really be awful if they rejected me with my stats being what they are . By December 31st 2018 I had 87 credits. They didn't give me a straight answer over email . I'd like to think that my case would fall under a regular application category , otherwise I don't see how third year applicants differ from second year applicants. I also don't see how they would've had 8 admitted third year applicants last year if their LSAT scores were required to be in the 90th percentile. https://cloudfront.ualberta.ca/-/media/law/prospective-students/juris-doctor/ualberta-law-admissions-2018.pdf
  13. So I emailed the Faculty asking what category I'm in and all they said was "you do not need to let us know how many credits you are applying with. We will evaluate your file to determine this."
  14. The website says: "An undergraduate degree, or at least the first three years (90 credits) of a program leading to a degree, at the University of Alberta, or from a university recognized by the University of Alberta, completed prior to the September in which admission is sought." I took that to mean that the 90 credits needed to be completed before the year for which one is applying for . So if I'm applying for September 2019, then the credits needed to be completed some time before then
  15. I think what you’re citing is a different application category . I applied as a regular applicant and for that I need 90 credits which I will have by the end of this year .
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