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  1. So sorry to hear that . I hope that you have better luck with another school or on the next cycle. I also received an email on Friday , but it stated that I was still on the waitlist and that they were not accepting emails or phone calls regarding places on the waitlist.
  2. You might want to take public transport to the university because parking is really limited and expensive. A transit pass is a mandatory fee anyways and the transit centre connects directly to a lot of uni buildings. So I'd say look for a place close to an LRT station. Unfortunately the neighbourhood around the university is very expensive ( though a pretty safe neighbourhood).
  3. Has the Holistic round already happened? Will applicants on the waitlist be considered holistically ?
  4. How do you guys think second year applicants will be ranked on the waitlist ?
  5. I sent them an email about this same topic and they replied right away saying my name was on the waitlist . So it seems that they will respond if you ask .
  6. I'm sure they have rankings , they're just not telling the applicants
  7. On a related note , when you try to email back about the waitlist to [email protected] , does "-lawadmit" show up in instead ? I'm wondering if that's right and if the email will actually go through.
  8. My email doesn't doesn't say anything about being a Second-Year student. Did anyone get an email back confirming they have a spot on the waitlist? Since we were asked in the email to confirm that.
  9. Just got the email L2 : 3.94 LSAT : 157 I'm a Second Year Applicant
  10. Also , if my GPA ends up being too bad at the end of my degree , could I take courses at the Faculty of Extension to raise my GPA ?
  11. I'm finishing up my third year , so I doubt that I'll get accepted this year after hearing no news up to this point. My stats so far are LSAT 157 and GPA 3.9 However , I have a course this semester that I might fail . I didn't withdraw from it because it's a required coure for my major. My average this semester might be a 3.6 or bellow , which might completely ruin my chances for next year. Or I might even have a Fail on my transcript. Should I retake the LSAT to try to get a better score ? The problem with that is that I have to travel a lot this summer for family reasons and I'm working on a thesis proposal which might take up the rest of my time. How hopeless is my situation ? Also, do you think they'll notice that this is the only course I've done badly in ?
  12. I was told in March that since I did not fit into the regular applicant category , I would be reviewed either as a Second-Year Applicant , or under Holistic Review. I'm still in Third Year . GPA - 3.94 LSAT -157 Ironically , I called to ask about the wording on the website being ambiguous , since it said that an applicant needed to have 90 credits before the September when they would hope to be accepted ( which would have put me in the regular Category). But apparently those 90 credits needed to be completed before the documentation deadline. The person on the phone basically called me stupid and said I was wrong for believing what the official website said. They've changed it now. The person on the phone said that I would be notified either through email or on Beartracks as to how my application was being considered. I have not received any notification so far. Has anyone who has been told that their application is up for Holistic Review ? Otherwise , when do you think rejections start going out ?
  13. Due to not receiving any response from the U of A at this point , I’m assuming it’s probably not meant to be this year . However , I’m only in third year undergrad at the U of A and I’m looking at my course selection for next year . I’m in an Honors program and to fulfill my credit requirements I would only need to take two courses per semester plus the 6 credit thesis registration which does not take up a time slot . My question is if it would look bad on my application next year if I only took two courses in the fall ?
  14. It was with the Faculty of Arts . I was in an Honors program but the course requirements were too restricted and I wouldn’t have been able to take as many classes as I wanted . With Honors majors you can’t just switch , you have to send in an application . So I sent mine in in September with their guarantee that it would be accepted since it was a program with the same requirements as the one I was currently in and I was supposed to hear back after the Fall semester . Come June I still haven’t heard anything from them , so I called them . Turns out my application was placed in the wrong pile on someone’s desk for months and no one got to it until I called to ask .
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