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  1. When you say 'we', do you mean those still pending review, or anyone who has not heard back yet? Bc depending on what you mean, this may not be accurate. I was pending review until maybe a week or two weeks ago, I called in and was told pending review meant they had not even processed my file yet administratively (meaning they hadn't even looked to see if all the necessary documents were in etc.) and processed my file then sent to adcom after the phone call. Maybe I just had a shot of optimism today but I feel as though not hearing back could mean acceptance, rejection or waitlist equally, but this is just my opinion
  2. Thanks for your insight, quick follow up, so under evaluation at this stage is likely waitlist or rejection over a possibility of acceptance or is it just pretty much can be anything?
  3. Still under evaluation...would really appreciate some opinions on the following. (1) If you applied last year, does under evaluation at this point likely indicate waitlist? (2) Should I contact Ottawa regarding the status of my application, or just keep waiting it out?
  4. Hm, whenever I try to log onto the portal, it always redirects me to some oracle webpage and then shifts to "stale request", before I have to go back on my browser a couple of times until my applications show. I have been pending review since October 2018, do you guys think this warrants a phone call incase there is a change in my status/due to the weird IT issues? Also, should I get in touch with IT or law admissions? Would appreciate any help/insight!
  5. Again, fair enough. I use desperate very lightly, perhaps it isn’t the right word in this context. As an applicant, others I know who are applicants and myself would obviously prefer acceptances as opposed to rejections. Then once receiving acceptances to one, or more schools the decision of attending comes down to things like location, program, how the school is perceived, finances, etc. I myself have only heard of one case where someone applied only to the school they wanted to 100% attend, in most cases from my own experience, people tend to apply broadly, hope for an acceptance then make decisions.
  6. Fair enough, I guess it depends on one’s confidence level and stats to go with it. Anecdotally, I’ve only ever heard of one situation where someone applied to only one (their top choice) with no back ups or second choices. For me as an applicant, an acceptance is an acceptance!
  7. I was speculating reasons for why someone would pick Ryerson over Osgoode, not talking about myself. I personally don’t hold location as being a huge factor on its own in my personal decision. As for counting on applicants who are desperate for admission to a Canadian law school, I would say that characterizes almost every applicant who is applying to law school, they’re desperate for admission until they have a couple of choices to pick from? After all, after paying a hefty amount as application fees, you do want some return. For your last reply, I would agree that Ryerson’s target audience is not the same as UofT or Osgoode and given the choice between the three, most rational applications would pick one of the two more established schools.
  8. Wow, the accepted thread has lower stats than some of the posts in the rejected thread... holistic schools are not even worth predicting eh. Regardless, best of luck to everyone, keep your heads up! I may be a poster on this thread sometime very soon.
  9. Perhaps the location also translates into financial reasons? If one were to live at home in the eastern Toronto boroughs to save money the commute to downtown Ryerson is much easier and more ideal than the commute to York but this is just speculation.
  10. Ryerson is also more accessible to commuters from the Toronto boroughs. York is much more car-friendly, but I hear atrocious things about the availability and pricing of parking. That being said, I am just an applicant and would more than happily receive acceptances from either 😂😂
  11. apologies for the triple post, but I for one am interested in seeing how Ryerson competes with the existing Toronto schools. Location wise, I have heard so many people say they would pick Ryerson over Osgoode 😮 😮
  12. It is still a go but without any provincial funding or affiliation. By extension of this, prospective law students at Ryerson would not qualify for provincial benefits such as OSAP etc.
  13. I think their whole selling point is how they are different from existing law schools, all of these nouveau sounding initiatives are meant to act as justifications for why a Ryerson law school was needed in the first place.
  14. It is actually so weird that there are applications (such as my own) that are pending review even after April 1st. I am honestly lost as to what this means. I feel as if there is something wrong with my portal too because I can never log onto Uwinsite properly without it redirecting to some oracle page first. I have also tried to email Windsor 4 separate times, months apart, with 4 different queries and have never received a response. How on earth are people communicating with the school and admin?
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