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  1. Harper916

    Should I rewrite? B3 3.87, 165 LSAT

    These are my exact stats. Let us cross our fingers together
  2. Darling, I would kiss you if it wouldn’t make the next 3 years kind of uncomfortable!
  3. Harper916

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    I was in the last round but didn’t have an account back then and didn’t want to scare anyone by posting before the next round 😉 3.87 (I’ve only completed 2 years so my cGPA and my B2 are the same). Two writes, 159 and 165 Previous experience included working as a law clerk and teaching insurance law at an Ontario college. Letters of recommendations were good but personal statement was downright shameful. I look forward to meeting everyone at the BLG event in February.
  4. Does anybody who received their hard copy letter and had conditions mind sharing what they were? I am assuming that since I’m only in my 3rd year my condition will relate to finishing this year but I’m curious if there is a certain GPA they are asking student to maintain.
  5. In MegBean’s defence, I was applying to university a few years back when York accidentally sent out e-mails accepting everyone who had applied. So the fact that it was a mistake isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility.
  6. Then it truly was a celebration!
  7. Harper916

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    0L but worked in ligitgation for 7 yrs, can confirm, neurotics do become lawyers. Can personally confirm that people who get the occasional B still get acceptance letters. You’ll be fine, you should probably get your blood pressure checked regularly, but you’ll be fine.
  8. I created an account just to post this story because it makes me so happy. By way of background I’m a law clerk originally and my lawyer has been instrumental to getting me here, he has paid for my undergrad and has given me as much flexibility as I need with my hours to go to classes. i was at the office when I got the email from Osgoode two weeks ago, my boss wasn’t in yet so I printed it off, taped a copy to his laptop and went back to work. This semester I’m only in one day a week so he usually comes straight to visit me first and catch up before going into his office. This time fate was on my side because he came in and said “let’s go back to my office” he went around the corner to his office and I walked in slowly so he would have time to read it before I got there. If you’ve ever watched those Facebook videos of someone finding out they are going to be a dad, that look of surprise and pride? Exactly like that, except instead of a young first time dad it was a 72yr old man. He shook my hand three times that day, which is probably the closest to a hug most people who know him have ever encountered. i had to kick another lawyer out of my office because he kept coming in just to look at me and kiss me on the head. (Not creepily, he is my best friend and probably one of two people in the world who would be able to do that and remain intact) As for my own emotions, later that day I forgot how to breathe while standing in line at MosMos