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  1. I dont know why, but my scores are always wrong there for practice tests. I'm getting around 59-63 questions right, and it keeps giving me 149 as a score.
  2. Rejected today. CGPA: 3.77 . LSAT 147 Access Category
  3. What about Access + CGPA 3.77 L2 4.0?
  4. Part-time jobs, volunteering at the college, volunteering at Non-for-profits, volunteering job at a law firm, mentoring international students, awards and recognitions during undergrad, sent abroad to take a course representing the college. I got my personal statement focused for Queen's too.
  5. I wrote 3 times already (146,145,147) - If I don't get in this cycle, I'm planning to write again for next year. But since my reason to apply in the access category is that I'm ESL student, I still have some hopes.
  6. CGPA 3.77 LSAT 147 Access Category, English as a second language, strong extracurriculars and references.
  7. yes, that's pretty much my explanation for applying through the access category.
  8. CGPA 3.77 LSAT 147 Access Category (English as second language) Strong References letters + EC
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