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  1. Thanks so much! I was put on the waitlist on March 29th
  2. I think that working in that sector is going to reflect really well and balance-out your grades on your application, so I'd say you have a chance. You also get the opportunity to explain any low grade trends on your application, so if anything got in the way of you getting grades you get to explain that. Additionally, a really high LSAT score balances out grades quite well. So, I'd say study hard for the LSAT and plan/schedule enough time to write the LSAT twice before you apply to law school. Best of luck, I'm sure you'll get in if you study hard!
  3. Accepted from the waitlist! cGPA: 3.72 (Winter grades not submitted yet) LSAT: 158, 162 All of my softs were... good? I find those hard to judge.
  4. Hey everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I was accepted off of the waitlist this Monday (May 14th), so there is hope! I had given up but moving off of the waitlist can happen!
  5. Was accepted back in November with a 3.72 and 162 LSAT score! Just made an account now.
  6. Hi Ryn, If the acceptance deadline for other schools is April 1st, why does Osgoode still hand out acceptances past that date? I've been admitted to Western and was wondering what happens if I accept there. Thanks for answering so many questions!
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