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  1. I wrote my LSAT last summer and am in the same boat
  2. Its also worth noting that some people, additionally, have a really hard time with Calgary's climate because of the chinooks. I have a couple friends that are near crippled with migraines right around when the chinooks roll in.
  3. Just got the offer on Student Centre! cGPA: 3.59 (OLSAS, not including Fall20 grades) L2: 3.8 LSAT: 163 Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  4. The conversion treats A and A+ the exact same at UofC, both are 4.0 grades
  5. In queue as of Dec.21 LSAT: 163 cGPA: ~3.65
  6. Not a UofA student, but I lived just outside of Edmonton for a number of years. Its definitely long winters in Edmonton, and a big part of it feeling long is the lack of any reprieve. Whereas somewhere like Calgary gives you breaks from the winter in the form of Chinooks, Edmonton does not get that to the same extent. Its also a very dry cold, so depending on where youre from in BC that could make a difference to how adaptable it is.
  7. Do not fret too much. I know that's easy for me to say as I have hardly convinced myself of it yet and I am one of the ones lucky enough to have an offer already. My LSAT is only a point higher than yours, and your GPA kicks my ass. Trust in yourself and that your dedication is going to be recognized. Just remember: if Rudy Giuliani can become a lawyer, you have nothing to fear. (much love friendo)
  8. It's not just you. I lurked quite a bit last year and the stress did not seem this high. In addition to the increased number of competitive applicants, I think the fact most people are doing school from home is also fueling this. Without having actual classes to attend, fewer extra curricular activities, and restricted ability to socialise is making for a powder keg of stress.
  9. I am also a big fan of the Dockett, if we're talking Canadian legal podcasts
  10. As long as theyve requested it, you should be fine. LSAC says they received a request from Dal but says they never sent it, and I was a lucky one with an offer already. I'd say if they dont have it updated by next wednesday, just shoot em an email. It seems like their online system is done manually, and they were super accommodating when I emailed awhile back.
  11. Thanks! I applied on September 1st and the last of my documents arrived by Sept. 26
  12. Can't believe my first offer was to my first choice school!! Got the email this morning! LSAT: 163 L2: 3.86 (OLSAS) No Maritime connection. I am so excited!!
  13. I'd almost be a little upset if they weren't! Carlin always said you gotta keep people alert 😆
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