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  1. When it comes to finding articiling positions after school and eventually permanent jobs....which has had more sway 1) being on the Dean's list or 2) going to a school with a really high reputation (ie ubc, uvic, UofT, etc) Obviously going to somewhere like UBC the stats are higher so the chances of just being average among classmates is higher. Whereas somewhere that has a lower gpa/last requirement maybe would allow for me to be above average. (Gonna work my ass off to be at the top regardless...but I know law schools no easy gig and competition is fierce)
  2. What are the pro/cons of these two schools? I'm a BC resident...but I dont necessarily plan on practicing in BC. In terms of opportunity, school environment, and reputation which would be the better option?
  3. Hey, just wondering if anybody knows when saskatchewan usually sends out acceptances...looks like they did a first wave by the look of the " accepted 2021" thread but I'm assuming by the end of February more people will have heard back?
  4. What do you think my chances are of getting in with 82% GPA and a 166 LSAT. I had applied last year with a 158 instead and was waitlisted but ultimately rejected.
  5. Waiting to hear back from other schools, if I accept my Manitoba offer will other schools automatically not consider me any more?
  6. Accepted a couple days ago, GPA: 82% LSAT: 166
  7. Chances of 3.4 GPA and 166 LSAT score? Thanks!
  8. Was listening to this podcast of this guys experience in law school.... would you guys say your experiences were similar? Just trying to get a feel for whether Law School is a good fit for me and what the realities of it actually are.
  9. Wondering how Covid-19 is effecting law students that are starting their first year this coming September. Is anybody deferring because of it, and are schools being considerate of your deferrals?
  10. Calculated that my GPA with drops will be around 3.40 out of 4.33.... my LSAT score is a 166. What do you figure my chances of acceptance are?
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