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  1. Accepted, but likely declining! good luck everyone LSAT 161 cGPA 3.8 L2 (self calculated) 3.95 ontario and general student, experience working in law firms
  2. Do you need proof of RBC's offer at prime to show Scotia? I have reached out to RBC and their initial offer was not prime
  3. I am looking to get a Student LOC. Any recommendations on banks in Kingston or employees who have been helpful in the process? From more general threads I have seen people getting just prime, but on Queen's financial aid page, it seems the basic package most banks offer is prime + 0.5%. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
  4. Accepted today, but have already declined! cGPA 3.8 LSAT 161 Ontario resident
  5. As previously mentioned you have to download the form, it is not on SOLUS. When you have completed the form you email it to the Student Awards Office.
  6. The bursary is open to all those applying, they actually prefer you to submit it earlier so they can tell you the amount you were granted with your acceptance. So you do not need to be accepted to submit it
  7. The deadline for the bursary is Feb 19, in the initial email Queen's sent you there should be a link to the PDF which you have to download and email in. Also curious as to how many people receive entrance scholarships based on academic record/community involvement.
  8. Would definitely recommend living off campus! There are tons of student housing options and many Facebook pages to help you find rentals. As a grad student you might not want to live right in the student ghetto as it can be pretty rowdy and the houses themselves are not the best. I would recommend either downtown or west of campus. With that being said you can still find nice housing in the ghetto it might just cost you more and avoid party streets like Aberdeen!
  9. My preference is living closer to campus and walking! And is something most students do. Parking passes on campus are competitive to get and expensive, underground parking goes for around $150 a month. But as mentioned above renting a spot from someone close to campus is a great alternative if you wish to live farther away. Another thing to consider is snow removal from your property and the roads around your house/to campus, it can often take at least a day for the roads to appear decent or your landlords snow removal company to show so you can get your car out. It is less stressful to have the option to walk to campus on days like that.
  10. Just got the email! cGPA 3.8 LSAT 161 general category student, ontario resident
  11. Accepted today! General category, Ontario resident CGPA 3.8 LSAT 161
  12. Accepted today! General category, Ontario Resident CGPA 3.8 LSAT 161
  13. Also accepted on Nov 29th! CGPA 3.8 LSAT 161
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