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  1. Littlelegal

    Accepted but cannot see in OLSAS

    Mine finally showed up today on OLSAS. It simply seems to be slow reflecting the change.
  2. Littlelegal

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    Very true, but given both continue to actively practice in environments where they work with young lawyers, I have faith in their assessment.
  3. Littlelegal

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    I am thinking I would like to add something to my earlier comments.... My one parent went through school with the present Premier of Alberta, the other went through school with several individuals who are earning millions with multi international corporations.....if that in any way means success or happiness.....? It doesn't to me but....would either of my parents claim they had a superior education to the other? not a chance. Would either claim the "school" they went to was an advantage to them? Nope other than that both feel they were taught the skills necessary and that both schools had the credibility needed to open doors for them. Did either feel the school they went to gave them some strategic advantage over the past years? nope. Did colleagues from schools with potentially lesser reputations also succeed? Yep. Celebrate that you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to choose, and wherever you choose, I am sure you will be happy. It is really exciting! Also, good luck to everyone who hopes to gain entry! Best of luck!
  4. Littlelegal

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    I am not getting where you think that Osgoode has a "prestige" position? Maclean's magazine? I wouldn't put much weight on this. or let this forum influence you....we are a bunch of young people who are trying to figure it out.... My parents are both lawyers with considerable years under their belt...one a grad from Queen's, the other a grad from Osgoode. They have been very clear with me that the schools have their different strengths but that this idea that one school is better than the rest is a fallacy....I am headed to Queen's. It is simply a better environment for me . It has a great reputation and has produced some great lawyers. The bottom line is where do you want to spend you next few years? What is it that makes a particular school attractive to you?
  5. Littlelegal

    McGill/ u of t

    My two cents. IF you intend on working and living in Toronto - then definitely consider UofT...I would think you are might be more likely to benefit from connections there....both to find employment and over the long term in practice by the peers going through school with you...BUT if you intend to practice anywhere but Toronto, seriously consider the financial cost of the degree, the fact that establishing a practice takes time (making paying that debt challenging) and the fact that it does not give you any greater qualification than any other law school and McGill has a stellar reputation.
  6. Littlelegal

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    In! L2/Bs 3.95, LSAT 160. Yes!!!
  7. Littlelegal

    Fall Grades

    And does anyone know whether OLSAS updates your cgpa calculation with the updated marks?
  8. Littlelegal

    uOttawa v. Queens

    The Ottawa U experience is simply different. I get the sense it is less of a community and more of a commuter school. Both will qualify you well for practice. Maybe if you have the choice of both, you should visit both and get a feel for their campus....and then read up on the programs each offers. I want to practice in Eastern Ontario....Queen's and Ottawa U are my 1st and 2nd choice in that order. However, my undergrad was at Queen's and I love its sense of pride and community. I have two lawyer parents and I know Queen's has a stellar reputation. They have practiced with grads from Ottawa and take no issue with their education either. I think they feel that Queen's might have greater connections through their grads with Bay Street if that is where you wish to land. My choice might be different if, for instance, my French was great and I would want to then get both civil/common law degrees - then it would be OttawaU. But it's not....so I am hoping it's Queen's for me.
  9. Littlelegal

    Accepted to Ottawa 2019

    Through uozone yesterday. Got an email today.
  10. Littlelegal

    Accepted to Ottawa 2019

    Accepted yesterday! JD - Common JD/JD (USA) cgpa: 3.77/4.0, L2 about 3.94/4.0, LSAT 160
  11. Littlelegal

    Accepted to University of Toronto

    In!! L2 .3.95 and LSAT 160. Surprised cause my LSAT grade not as high as I thought was needed and given I am not headed for corporate Bay Street Law....I am not sure my 'rents will wanna pay the tuition!
  12. Littlelegal

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    All right. I give up. I was well intended. No one here has any idea what my background was. Over and out.
  13. Littlelegal

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    Megbean123, your willingness to accept this feedback as constructive and well intended definitely reflects well on you. Good luck with your decisions regarding law school and remember that it is only the start and small part of the long journey.
  14. Littlelegal

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    So you need to give some thought to whether you are ready for law school at this stage. Truly. I am sure you are well intended but maybe very naïve. To succeed at law school and at the practice of law, there is more to it than book smarts. in my mind. JUDGMENT is a big one - not foreseeing how people would feel about this post would certainly suggest that you need to work on this. PERSPECTIVE is another. Keeping your successes and failures in perspective and learning from them is pretty important to survival too. UNDERSTANDING that there will always be people that are potentially smarter than you and that it doesn't matter in the long run is essential. Book smarts only gets you so far. You need to consider why all of your self esteem at the moment seems to be tied to getting into the law school of your choice and/or being the very first to get an acceptance at all of them as it seems by your posts to be very important to you and you need to think about why that is - if it wasn't already apparent ….everyone here is in the same boat and many will be overjoyed to simply get in.
  15. Littlelegal

    Accepted to Western 2019

    Green check! CGPA 3.77, B2 3.94, LSAT 160.