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  1. To qualify the post I started this thread with, my interest in finance is as a possible exit opp. l. My thinking is as follows: down the road, making partner is far from a sure thing, and contingency planning is important (so 4+ years was not the right timeline to cite). I don't know that going in-house would be a satisfying transition (though I realize its very very early in the game to make that assessment). Nor would going of counsel with a firm. I'd like to plot a course to a possible exit that I'd be excited about, and alternative finance (distressed/restructuring) is a) interesting to me, b) an area where a legal background appears to be valued, and I'd like to work towards grabbing a decent slice of the value I'm creating for the firm I'm work for. Straight to MBA is out for me (or at least a low probability option). I have academic background in Philosophy and work experience in educational technology. Canadian MBAs aren't going to be a sufficient stepping stone to competitive finance roles, and the 2-year American MBAs that might have a strong enough brand are out of reach with my current work experience.
  2. No, my background is in Philosophy (BA and MA focused on the philosophy of economics).
  3. Hello, I'm looking to access the hivemind on a school comparison q. I've got the following in hand: - JD/MBA offer with $40k scholarship from Ivey, likely no $$ from Western Law. (~154k tuition > 114K). 3 yrs. - JD offer from UofT, no $$ but reasonably confident in $8K annually through financial aid (~114K tuition > 90k). 3 yrs. My aim is to find a role with major Toronto firm and gear towards insolvency/restructuring. Would like to keep the door open to a transition to finance with a focus on distressed assets after 4+ years in law. I'm open to pursuing opportunities in management consulting and alternative investment out of a JD/MBA, and would actively explore these as secondary options. Aside from what I have in hand, alternative paths are: - Pick up MBA at UofT (Rotman) after first year, hopefully with ~$30k in funding from Rotman over 4yrs and then find a role with major Toronto firm and gear towards insolvency/restructuring. (~180k tuition > 125K [and a year's lost wages]). - Transition out of law when the time comes with a one-year MBA (possibly American, i.e., Tuck) ($$$, and a year's lost wages). Identified benefits of UofT - American biglaw door is as open as it gets in Canada, and effectively shut at Western Law as far as I understand. - Strong hiring on Bay Identified benefits of UWO JD/MBA - MBA for 24k over UofT JD - Very strong hiring for JD/MBAs on Bay - One year shorter than UofT JD/MBA My soft preferences strongly point to UofT, but I want to settle the strategic question independently. Any opinions on the preferable option?
  4. Just got the call. Very pleased. The caller ID came up as a personal name. LSAT 174 (one write) GPA 3.46/3.67B3 MA, work experience as non profit director and consulant.
  5. Congrats all, just saw mine as well. 3.46 CPGA, 3.67 B2, LSAT 174
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