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  1. Yes the degrees were from two different schools. No, I did not repeat any course. Individually, both of my GPA's were correct. However, when I combined them, it came off completely different. Thanks for the response. I am going to give them a call.
  2. Hi guys, I am new to this. I have applied to all the law schools in Ontario. I graduated with two undergraduate degrees. I had very low grades in my first degree. With my second degree I had a very high GPA. I added marks from both of my degrees to Ryn's calculator, and the calculations came out to a 3.45. However, OLSAS just released my GPA and it came down to a 2.76. I am really shocked. I have read threads on here and noticed that Ryn's calculator is just a bit off from the OLSAS calculator. So I was expecting my GPA to be bit lower than 3.45. I am trying to figure out that is my GPA really 2.76 (as posted by OSLAS). How does it work when you have two degrees ? Or has OLSAS made a mistake ? Should I contact them ? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Nimra
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