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  1. After talking to registrar at Windsor, they told me there are a couple of tiers in admissions. Tier 1 (being the top tier) is assessed with applicants 160+ last and 3.4+cgpa, tier 2 is 157+ lsat with 3.3 gpa, and under those are other applicants who do not meet those lsat or gpa thresholds.
  2. yeah thats what I've been hearing from friends just wanted to make sure that's the consensus. Thanks for the help!
  3. My questions is as title says. I decided to do an MA in Poli Sci due to a very generous scholarship. I will be applying back next year to all Ontario schools, but I was wondering if I have to submit my transcript from my MA or if they look at my grades from MA program. Do law schools only consider my undergrad, or both? Thanks
  4. What a train wreck this admin has become
  5. What does cancelled even mean? That your application wont be reviewed? Or that you're rejected? If its cancelled we need refunds this is b.s
  6. Well I've given up hope hearing back by "the end of the month". Its 4pm and no update yet. And they're not picking up the phone eitherđź‘Ť
  7. Just got the email, not surprised just applied for the shts and gigs. My lsat aint the best L2: 3.8/ B3: 3.73 Cgpa: 3.5 LSAT: 153 Strong EC's, outstanding reference letters and strong personal statement.
  8. Osgoode, U of T, Queens, Western, Ottawa, Dalhousie
  9. I'd appreciate some feedback on my current situation. I've already applied to law school for the upcoming 2019/2020 year. I have two GLOWING reference letters from my professors, tons of EC's/work history, and a very well written personal statement as reviewed by professors and law school alumni. LSAT: Going to write first one January 2019 Calculated CGPA/L2: 3.45/3.75 (based on anticipated grades) GRADES: FIRST YEAR: Bs and Cs SECOND YEAR: all B/B+s and one A THIRD YEAR: Straight A's and one A+ FOURTH (current year): I am anticipating another year of straight A's and many A+'s. My problem is that my best grades are going to be in my final year of study, and most of my classes (especially the ones Im going to get an A+ in) are full year courses, for which the grades will be given out early/mid april. Also, I haven't written my LSAT yet, and will be writing my first time in January. I'm worried that the law schools won't see my end of term grades and that my GPA in OLSAS will suffer as a result. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what I should do? I know that this year I will definitely not get any B's and that in the worst case scenario my L2 GPA will be 3.75 at the end of the school year in April. But will the law schools even see those grades and consider it for admissions purposes? I realize that I will have to resend a transcript application for them to get my updated grades but will it be too late? How are my chances looking?
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