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  1. UBC admissions is super organized. I had to retake and sit for the Jan LSAT so my application wasn't complete until the score came out in mid February. I received an offer a week later. Keep in mind this year the requirements changed a bit so I'm not sure how it will impact the aforementioned efficiency.
  2. I concede that my view may be limited as a fresh 1L as opposed to a jaded ex-business student with a few years of work experience. In my view, other than corporate, law in its very nature seems to have a greater impact on people's lives. Off the top of my head, criminal defense (and maybe prosecution?), family, immigration, health law and any public policy work impact people on a very direct level. Maybe it doesn't change the world per se but it affects people's lives in a very meaningful way and incrementally it shapes society. While business schools teach social responsibility and ethics, you're still looking to maximize profits at the end of the day. At least when I was in business school, the former always felt like a side consideration and a requirement to sustain long-term profits. And the pressure to go into corporate finance and national firms doesn't go away; tuition isn't cheap and entrepreneurial gigs are hard to find, uncertain, and often don't pay that well in the beginning. The top students often still go for the national accounting, finance, marketing firm route. I'm not saying that you CAN'T effect change by going to business school, you absolutely can. But the environment isn't as socially progressive and entrepreneurial as it's made out here, you'll still be going against the grain and it's not an easy or certain path.
  3. Not sure about MBAs but I came from a pretty strong undergrad Business program and I found people in law school to be much more idealistic and have a change-the-world mentality. Most of my business school peers just wanted to make money (which is not a bad goal, just stating my perception). A lot of them are entrepreneurial but I don't think it's to effect social change more than it is to achieve financial independence and success.
  4. I took the 7sage online course and found it tremendously helpful. There’s no replacing taking times practice tests and reviewing your errors though.
  5. Don’t think about it too much. Do something nice for yourself as you’ve done what you needed to do! Do fun things and hang out with your friends. Once 1L starts, time to do those things will be severely limited.
  6. Holy cow, you could probably get into any law school you want.
  7. I second @Tagger for UBC, the faculty really tries to make us aware of the colonial nature of our laws and the multi-jural system in Canada which includes Indigenous law. UBC also has the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic which directly serves the marginalized Indigenous community in the downtown east side. I believe you need to be a second year to participate but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the experience. Uvic’s JID/JD degree is the first of its kind and is seen as leading-edge in areas of Indigenous law. They also have faculty there who are leaders in their field (eg John Borrows) Edit: UVic also has the Environmental Law Clinic. I’m not sure how that works though. Maybe a UVic student can chime in?
  8. It depends on each school’s procedures. I had to write the January exam because my November score wasn’t competitive. As I understood it, they didn’t look at my file until my January score came through. I got an offer about a week after the January score release so if your file is already complete and they are just waiting on your lsat score, the process can go by pretty fast. Edit: ooooops sorry, I thought this was in the general admissions sub forum. I didn’t apply to Windsor so I have no idea what their process is.
  9. I don’t think it’s as dire as you make it out to be. I wrote the January LSAT for admission in the same year and got into all the schools I applied to. My stats weren’t horrible but they were not astounding either. If your stats are about median for that school, you will likely get in even if your only score is the January one.
  10. Absolutely! Given how each one has a very distinct personality, I highly doubt the process is random.
  11. That’s so weird! We go to the same school but I feel very few people in my group care at all about big law/corporate to the point where I feel kind of embarrassed to admit I find corporate law alluring.
  12. Need to save as much brain cells as I can. There's not that many to begin with... Thanks! A puppy would be nice to comfort me during the long, sober, lonely nights.
  13. I know! Racking up debt and not making money is eating me up inside. I considered getting a sugar daddy (kidding! I’m not that hot; FYI, the gender-neutral term is glucose guardian). What’s helped for me so far is the knowledge that I could probably get a job for four months in the summer to make some money. It may not be a law job but anything helps. I’ve also been cooking pretty much all my meals which saves a lot of money. I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol.
  14. I don’t have advice but I think the OP is from South East Asia, not South Asia. Aside from Malaysia and Singapore, I believe most of SEA operates under some form of civil law.
  15. I'm not sure... just intuition I guess. Although I'm not sure if other schools also take seven classes per term. I don't think you should worry about things you can't change. School is hard enough as it is and the world isn't fair. You and I just need to study more and apply ourselves. We'll get through it. There are so many people who didn't have a poli sci background and still excelled in law school.
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