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  1. Has anyone received an offer from Connolly Obagi?
  2. Has anyone from UOttawa heard back from Perley?
  3. For those of you who have taken the course, was it worth it to you? How time consuming was it? How difficult was it to balance with your other courses?
  4. UOttawa! Torts, property, dispute resolution, criminal law, contracts, legal foundations, public and constitutional law, and our thematic.
  5. My current grades are: A-, B+, B+, B+, B+, B, B, B+ Will I have trouble getting a job in 2L?
  6. What do we need to bring to orientation? Should we bring our backpack and laptop? Also, how should we dress?
  7. Does anyone know when we will get the syllabus for each course? Are the books cited in the course description an accurate and reliable book list for this year?
  8. Thank you sooooo much for posting this. He gave me the same deal that he gave you. I was looking locally and the lowest I was offered was prime + 0.5% with only 2 years after graduation.
  9. I didn't get accepted last cycle, but I took the year off to improve my LSAT and work. Honestly, I'm kind of glad it worked out this way. It's nice to have some time off to save some money before jumping into law school. I was also able to travel and do things that I didn't have time to do while in school. Don't stress too much. Although your CGPA is pretty weak, your odds of admission with increase if you're able to increase your LSAT score by a few points.
  10. I’ve only emailed to RSVP to the open house. I tried calling back but it asks for the extension. I’m extremely curious as to why they called as well.
  11. I just checked my phone and noticed that I had a missed call from Reine Chaar. Has anyone else received a call?
  12. For those of you attending, what do we wear? Dress pants and a dress shirt?
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