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  1. I am a bit surprised they don't just reject everyone on the same day, at least like the big wave of initial rejections. I have pretty terrible stats and my Uzone still says under evaluation.
  2. Thanks for this! I am registered for the June lsat but life stuff just got in the way so I actually have not started studying yet. I am debating changing my test date, but am hesitant because I don't like the idea of writing the digital test, so I think I am just going to go for it for June!
  3. How do you find living in Saskatoon? I've lived in Ontario all my life, about 30 mins West of Toronto and find the idea of moving to Saskatoon intimidating.
  4. Do you have his email? Or a website? I'd like to check him out!
  5. Hi guys, I am planning to rewrite the lsat this coming January and I think this time around I want to do a couple hours of private tutoring. I have been self studying using the PowerScore bibles, type training books and workbooks. PowerScore charges about $175 an hour which is over my budget. Does anyone know any good tutors in the GTA area? Specifically Burlington/ Oakville/ Mississauga. Thanks!
  6. Has anyone else had a hard time finding median LSAT info or GPA? If they look at cGPA or B2? Thanks!
  7. I am most definitely going to apply to UNB and Dal, the November score release date is this Saturday so I am just going to hold off until then so I don't waist anymore money.
  8. So you're saying don't apply anywhere else until I actually have my final LSAT score?
  9. Fair point, I guess I just have to study and hope to achieve a score that makes up for a low GPA.
  10. Hi guys! So I wrote the LSAT in November and I don't believe I did as well as I need to, maybe 155 tops. However I am confident with a bit more studying and timed PT's I can score over a 160. I plan to rewrite in Jan. My cumulative GPA that OLSAS gave me is pretty bad (2.51), which I was expecting. I did really poorly in my first two years of my undergrad. My best two years are 3.20 and 3.63. So basically what I am wondering is, what are my chances of admission for the 2019 cycle based on my CGPA and a projected final LSAT score that will be about 160-164, but it will be from the January test. In Ontario I applied to Queens and Ottawa, planning on applying to Dal, UNB and maybe one more. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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