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  1. I applied to Western and Windsor. I got into Windsor in January, and Western in June off the waitlist. My best LSAT was 157 though, so if you pull off a 163-165 I imagine you’ll have a good shot. Try and keep up your grades (or improve them) in third year! My CGPA was 3.8 and L2 3.85 (including 3rd year). I don’t think Windsor accepts the January LSAT, so that may affect your chances there. For other schools, I would imagine 3rd year applicants are accepted later in the cycle anyways so it wouldn’t matter too much. I’ve heard of 3rd year applicants getting into Queens and Osgoode, so maybe try applying to those schools!
  2. I applied to two Ontario law schools in my third year with a slightly higher GPA but a lower LSAT score. I got into both schools I applied to, and if anything, I regret not applying to more schools. At the time, I didn’t really think I’d stand a chance as a third year applicant and didn’t want to waste the money. Most schools require you to have 3 years of full time undergrad studies before starting law school. If you’re already writing PTs in the mid 160s, think about writing the LSAT sooner. With those stats, and a good personal statement, I think you’d have a good shot at most schools in Ontario, except U of T. And if you’re really worried about finances, U of T might not be the best option for you anyways. Best of luck.
  3. Accepted off the waitlist today GPA: 3.79 L2: 3.85 LSAT: 157 Good ECs and References. Will be accepting.
  4. Accepted off the waitlist today GPA: 3.79 L2: 3.85 LSAT: 157 Good ECs and References. Will be accepting. Literally SO HAPPY I cried!
  5. Do you know when we will get our schedules?
  6. Waitlisted today. GPA 3.76. L2 3.85. LSAT 157. Great references and ECs. Currently working for an Assistant Deputy Minister at the Department of Justice. Extremely disappointed.
  7. So you called in just now? I will be disappointed if I don’t hear today... they’ve been saying May 31st for a while... I’m probably going to call in later this afternoon if I don’t hear anything.
  8. Did you end up hearing anything? I’m probably going to call in today.
  9. I paid Monday evening and my account was updated this afternoon.
  10. I guess I’ll probably be getting a rejection soon. I had a really good semester and my L2 went up to 3.86 with a GPA of 3.79. I didn’t even get a deferred decision so I won’t know if they reviewed those grades. My LSAT score will be the death of me (157).
  11. Anyone know if there will be a final round of offers this week and which day that might be? The admissions blog says one last round will come out the end of May.
  12. Is there anyone else who is still waiting? I haven't heard anything. I've provisionally accepted an offer from another school, which means I'll have to pay my $500 deposit next week. Trying to decide how long I should wait before the deadline to make the payment. Is no news good news or bad news?
  13. Any guesses as to what day this week they’ll be sent out? I’m anxious to hear back... lol
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