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  1. Is there anyone else who is still waiting? I haven't heard anything. I've provisionally accepted an offer from another school, which means I'll have to pay my $500 deposit next week. Trying to decide how long I should wait before the deadline to make the payment. Is no news good news or bad news?
  2. Any guesses as to what day this week they’ll be sent out? I’m anxious to hear back... lol
  3. I was accepted and I am currently in my third year of undergraduate. I decided that I wanted to finish a degree, so I switched from an Honours only program to a General B. A. that can normally be completed in three years. I have some courses to finish over the summer, but I will be starting Law school in September and graduating from my current degree program in November. Universities want to graduate people that will go on to things such as law school. I suggest reaching out to an academic advisor to see if any three year degree options or summer courses are available to you to help you finish up a degree, if that is important to you. I have spoken with various people who said undergrad is not a major factor in hiring after law school. I think the difference between a general B.A. and an honours B.A. after finishing a law degree is quite small. I decided that I was ready for the more challenging academic pursuit of attending law school. After weighing the opportunity costs of pursuing an extra year of university versus working as a lawyer a year earlier and making a salary, the choice was quite clear for me personally.
  4. I haven't heard anything either. I don't think they've read all applications yet. Especially if you wrote the January LSAT.
  5. I'm coming ! see you there.
  6. I know my LSAT is too low, but I think my other stats are above average. I also have really good ECs, reference letters, and work experience at the Department of Justice. General Category. I was accepted at Windsor a few weeks ago but I am really hoping for Western.
  7. I was recently admitted to Windsor Law. My acceptance letter says that I need to secure my place with a deposit by the offer expiry date indicated on the letter. However, the letter simply states “Offer Expiry Date:____ “ and leaves this space blank lol. I would imagine all the expiry dates are the same? Would this be June 1st? Will this show up on OLSAS once my offer shows up there? thanks!
  8. Accepted today. GPA: 3.73 LSAT: 157 3rd year applicant.
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