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  1. Hi y’all! I’m an incoming 1L and I was hoping to gain some insight on the difference between volunteering with PBSC and CLS in 1L— what they look for in volunteers, how the work differs, opportunities available later on, etc. I’m very interested in getting some hands-on experience as soon as possible so any info is appreciated! Thanks :))
  2. Hi there! I’m an incoming 1L and I’m very interested in the community legal services clinic. Any tips or tricks on the process of getting involved with clinics? Thanks! :))
  3. Got in today ! CGPA: 3.8 , L2: 3.77, LSAT: 159 Will be declining. Good luck to all!
  4. Accepted today! LSAT: 159 CGPA: 3.8, L2 somewhere in that neighborhood. Good luck to everyone waiting!
  5. In my third year, I took about half second and half third year courses, and am taking second year courses in my fourth year and it hasn’t seemed to have an effect on my admissions. I also have lower stats than you, other than CGPA. Your stats are competitive so I don’t think it would disqualify you from admission!
  6. It probably wouldn’t make much of a difference, in my opinion. The personal statement is about your writing skills and your experiences, so the name is probably not too important. But if you’re really worried, you could call the admissions office and explain. But I personally wouldn’t stress. Also, reading over the statements after the fact is probably just causing more stress than necessary. Just trust the process and have confidence that you wrote a great statement despite the error!
  7. Hey Kiamia, any suggestion on what to wear for women? Would dress pants/heels/a blouse be acceptable? Thanks a ton!! :))
  8. Accepted at 7pm today! L2/B2/CGPA: 3.77 LSAT: 159 (June 2018) general category! good luck to everyone waiting!
  9. Received the email at 9:30am EST! CGPA/L2: 3.77 LSAT: 159 Good luck to all!
  10. Got my email at 7am this morning! LSAT: 159, GPA: 3.77 (OLSAS) Very excited as this is one of my top choices!
  11. Received my email this morning! LSAT: 159, CGPA: 3.8/4.0 I am finishing my undergrad at the University of Toronto, but my permanent address is in Alberta. Very excited!!
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