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  1. Just rejected as well L2 gpa : 3.3 LSAT: 166 Years of construction work to help my parents but no EC's. Thought I would have a pretty good shot with my lsat but guess not.
  2. I applied in October, but they didnt look at my profile until first week of February because I took the Jan LSAT
  3. Guess I'll be the first to be rejected from calgary rejected from waitlist this morning. L2 GPA: 3.2-3.3 LSAT: 166 EC: working in construction for 6 years during undergraduate to help care for my parents.
  4. TRU said they are slated for full in person studies starting in the fall
  5. Rejected dated March 16th Olsas gpa-3.28 Lsat: 167 EC:working in construction supporting my parents, no time for volunteering or clubs.
  6. They mentioned the same thing to me. I'm not sure if it's just a canned message, but I think if we were actually a notable candidate, we would've been waitlisted haha 😭
  7. Hmm, I would estimate it was about 3 weeks to a month. I remember it going to "review" status in the first week of February and it stayed on the review stage for a couple weeks before changing to "decision pending".
  8. Just to provide my experience, I talked to TRU about it and tried to see if they would extend the deadline to accept for me, but no dice. They wanted the $500 by the deadline or, they would just assume that I'm not interested.
  9. Just keep waiting! Good luck!! I hope I stay the only one on the rejection list haha
  10. I applied in October, but they had to wait until my January LSAT was completed before they looked at my file. I think they started going through my file during the first week of February.
  11. Guess I'll be the first one to start this one off. Just got the rejection email this morning. CGPA: 3.3 without drops... probably 3.5 with drops LSAT: 166 EC: I just been working for almost 7 years in construction to help support my parents and family, while I was going to school so I didn't have time for any clubs or volunteer activities unfortunately.
  12. That's true, "slowly trickling" it out is probably an exaggeration. I just wanted the entire amount for moving to a new city and new furniture. It'll help to facilitate the entire process for me.
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