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  1. I've been a construction worker for 6 years now while studying in uni trying to become a lawyer. Yes, the money is good and I have friends who paint houses for good money as well. But its also back-breaking, arthritis inducing, painful manual labour. I'm already seeing lots of physical damage to my body and its only been 6 years. I could very well be making 90k next year if I keep going at the pace I am. But the money isn't worth it anymore and I don't want to be doing this type of manual labour intensive work for 40 more years. Just my 2 cents.
  2. So I was just wondering what kind of services or job fairs or any important in-person stuff that incoming 1L's are going to lose out on because a lot of law schools are choosing to do at least the Fall 2020 online? Are we losing out on important clinics, job fairs, articling opportunities, moots? And also, is it worth it to lose all the in-person opportunities or to wait till Fall 2021? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Yeah I thought that if waitlisted students would receive this email, that possibly accepted students would also get a similar one? Because many students accepted before knowing that the fall semester would be online, and the school might give them a chance to reconsider their acceptances now that they know at least the fall 2020 semester is online. But it seems like from strugglingSFUgal, that they didn't get the option.
  4. I think I'm wondering if the accepted students received a similar email asking them if they want to keep their offers now that at least the fall semester is completely online?
  5. Rejected this morning: Lsat 157 CGPA APPROX 3.4-3.5 after drops 😰
  6. Would you say your stats are relatively the same as this year? Because im waitlisted with similar stats and the movement is minimal for UCal so far
  7. waitlisted today! L2: 3.5-3.6 self calculated 157 LSAT Amazing references and no EC's working full time for the last 6 years during school
  8. I have similar stats and I submitted my application back in november as well and no reply yet. So youre not alone!
  9. Thanks for reading this because like all students, I would love some insight into my chances at getting accepted into any canadian law schools. CGPA: 3.3 L2: 3.48 LSAT:157 If it helps, good work experience in another field and great references. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks guys I'll edit it so that everyone can be completely informed about the admissions info! Okay so Osgoode isn't completely holistic as well as Ottawa. And UBC and Victoria are both index schools. Awesome!
  11. I just went off the information that the website provided. For OZ, it says "Osgoode Hall Law School has a holistic admissions policy which identifies a diverse and outstanding group of students whose outstanding academic abilities, varied achievements and sustained engagement make a continuing positive contribution to the Law School, the legal profession and the community." Ottawa says that they We consider many factors including: significant achievements in extracurricular activities while at university or in community involvement; outstanding qualities or achievements in previous careers; linguistic, cultural or other factors that add to an applicant’s overall academic achievement; and personal success in overcoming challenges such as a disability or financial hardship. But if you had alternative experience with those two law schools, then I would love to know so I can be more informed when I apply.
  12. I made a guide compiled with the current admissions info for all English speaking common law schools in Canada and hopefully by putting it all on one page, it'll make it easier to compare. Good luck to all! Canadian law school application Dalhousie last 2 years Average GPA-3.7 and average LSAT- 160 Tuition- $18,694 Over $2mil available in awards and scholarships New Brunswick cumulative Median GPA-3.8 and Median LSAT-158 Application deadline- March 1 Yearly tuition- $10,576 Entrance scholarships total of $200,000 Lake head last 2 years Yearly tuition is $18,593 Competitive GPA- 75-80% Deadline is Nov 1 Western last 2 years Competitive GPA- 3.7 and Competitive LSAT-160 Yearly Tuition- $22,785 Deadline- Nov 1 Queens last 2 years and cumulative A- average (3.7) and LSAT of min 157 $19,246 yearly tuition merit based scholarships on application and ability to apply for after acceptance Deadline is Nov 1 Windsor holistic Average GPA 3.1 and average LSAT 160 Yearly tuition- $20,445 Deadline-Nov 1 Osgoode holistic Average GPA-3.67 and Average LSAT- 82nd percentile Application deadline- Nov 1 Yearly tuition-$26,246 Ottawa holistic Average GPA- 82% and LSAT info not available Application deadline- Nov 1 Yearly tuition- $18, 592 Toronto holistic and best 3 years Average GPA-3.8 and average LSAT-166 Application deadline- Nov 1 Yearly tuition- $34,980 Manitoba cumulative with drops (30 credits) Median GPA- 3.92 Median LSAT-161 Application deadline-Dec 1 Yearly tuition-$12,500 Saskatchewan best 2 years Median GPA is 3.35 or 79% and Median LSAT 158 $13,003 yearly tuition 19 merit scholarships available Deadline is Feb 1 Alberta last 2 years Median GPA 3.8 and Median LSAT 161 $13,423 full time tuition Deadline Nov 1 Calgary last 2 years 3.6 average GPA and average 162 LSAT $13,700 tuition and fees Merit base and entrance based scholarships available ($60,000 entrance scholarship) Victoria cumulative with drops (18 credits) Average GPA-3.8 and average LSAT-163 Application deadline- jan 15 Yearly tuition approx. $11,000 UBC cumulative with drops (12 credits) Median GPA 83% and Median LSAT 166 First year tuition: $12,391 Deadline is Dec 1 Thompson rivers (holistic) No clue about GPA or LSAT admission averages $18,458 tuition Nov 1 deadline for admission and priority for scholarships
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