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  1. Accepted in Jan. Will decline in favour of Dal. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Did you need to make sure Dal gets your updated scored or do they automatically go get them? I noted on my application that I would be rewriting the Jan LSAT
  3. Is it common to get in shortly after having a good bump on your lsat. Is there normally a little wave of acceptances after the Jan/ Feb lsat score release?
  4. Thank you for your information. It is greatly appreciated Could you comment more on the nature of assessment in first year?
  5. What is the average school day and week like for a first year law student at UNB? How much time should I expect to be in class and doing school work? What should I expect in class? Does the law school have any teams in the UNB intramural leagues (basketball/ hockey etc.)? Thanks!
  6. After being admitted to a school, would they ever rescind their offer after a bad LSAT performance? Is there any risk to taking it again after being admitted?
  7. Is there a way to edit your application after it is submitted? I forgot to include my exchange host information under post-secondary institutions attended. Is this a major problem? Thanks
  8. Do you mind if I ask you your stats and where you are from?
  9. Does it really take 3-4 weeks for Dal to process your application? When are you able to see that they have all your supporting documents? Or do you just have to call or email them to find out?
  10. Where do first year law students live usually?
  11. Are the 160 and 3.7 numbers the averages of people admitted or the averages of the application pool?
  12. Chances at UNB?? Maritime resident, varsity athlete, work at law firm.
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