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  1. Accepted a little while ago CGPA: 3.7/4 LSAT: 157 Will be declining for McGill. Best of luck to everyone still waiting !
  2. Hey @Legallyblonde1997, Thank you so much ! And my GPA is out of 4.
  3. Just got the email ! Accepted ! CGPA 3.7 LSAT 157 Really strong LORs and work experience, solid PS. Trilingual (perfectly bilingual in French/English). Will be accepting. Good luck to everyone still waiting !
  4. My date changed this morning and then I was admitted later today, but it had also changed back in November as well and nothing had happened, so I'm not entirely sure, but it might mean good news !
  5. Fauteux is the law "Pavillon" at uOttawa. You should include it in the address.
  6. Hey ! So I'm not a law student at uOttawa (I'm still in my undergrad there), but I work at the Official Languages and Bilingualism Centre at the university and we offer a bunch of services for uOttawa students to improve their second language. For example, there are French tutors that can meet up with you a few times a week and work on whatever level you're at. There are also conversation "workshops" at a bunch of different French levels that last about an hour where a moderator will manage the conversation. If you're looking more at courses, there are over 30 FLS (Fran├žais langue seconde) courses to be taken ; in addition to the fact that the campus is entirely bilingual (insofar as all services and employees are bilingual.) And in general, the entire National Capital Region is pretty bilingual--so you can even get speak French outside of campus. But most of all, odds are you'll be meeting some Francophones on campus--so speak French to them and you'll definitely see your French improve :) You can also PM me if you have any specific questions !
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