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  1. First acceptance, received yesterday! CGPA: 3.14 L2/B2: 3.46 Strong upward trend (3.66 in 4th year) LSAT: 151, 157 Access After a cautiously hopeful long wait with no news, I am very happy and excited to receive my first offer! Congrats to those of you already admitted and fingers crossed for anyone in the same boat as me! Don’t let the responses in these forums get you down if you have lower stats.
  2. Noticed that it changed today to in queue as of March 4, nothing between now and before though.
  3. In queue as of March 4. Filled out part B and applied for the ICLP.
  4. I know there isn't really much point in posting this, mainly out of curiosity, but has anyone else's status change date changed but the status remained the same? My date changed once on December 4 and again just yesterday but the status has remained the same. Nothing worse than opening OASIS and getting excited at a new date only to be let down by seeing "your application has been received" 😂
  5. My status changed to under evaluation November 7, that just means they have received all the documentation they need to review your application, not that they're actively reviewing it. The best thing to do, as hard as it may be, is just to wait. No one on this forum can accurately tell you what your chances are and they'll more likely make you feel stressed or upset than anything else. There have already been offers made to people with lower stats than you.
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