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  1. Late response but Ottawa describes their admissions as "holistic". They look well beyond just your cGPA and LSAT, and place more emphasis on cGPA if past years are any indication. I'm sure it'll just be a matter of time before you hear back, but you'll have to consider your application with your ECs, recommendations, personal statement/supplemental essay and so on so forth. Good luck!
  2. After you're accepted, you're on even academic ground with everybody else. Your high school grades only mattered for admission to undergraduate programs, just as your undergraduate grades and LSAT will only matter for admission to law programs. Yes, the LSAT and your GPA can be good predictors of law school success, but what will matter more is your drive to learn, grow, work hard, and succeed.
  3. Accepted today. GPA with drops ~ 3.81 LSAT - 158 Two academic and one non-academic reference. Lots of ECs and good Personal Statement General Ontario Resident, will be declining for Ottawa.
  4. The only way to know for sure how any given school will calculate this is by asking them directly. Ontario is much more standardized with their admissions I think, and this website is a great resource for (most) Ontario schools: https://lawapplicants.ca/predictor. Speaking as someone who's degree only required 114 units as opposed to 120, this predictor was super helpful!
  5. I just happened to be friends with an avid traveller in my undergrad days and he offered to help set me up. That said, there a ton of websites out there that'll connect you with everything from hostel work to volunteer construction. DM me and I'd be happy to help out!
  6. I am currently on a contract until April 30 with my current company (housing and student affairs firm). I was in the running for a promotion to a full-time recurring contract when I was accepted to Ottawa. I immediately informed my boss that I would be taking the opportunity and would not seek to renew my contract. He was very understanding and encouraging, and it had no bearing on my employment. Being a contract worker may have been a factor, but my experience is that the sooner you explain, the better. It sounds like you're pretty well respected in terms of your role at this job, so I wouldn't fret about losing it over a career-path change!
  7. For those that may be looking to travel but are feeling that "productivity bug", have you considered a working holiday? I did one in France a few years back as an English language camp counsellor/instructor and will be spending May-July doing that again. I found it was a good way to get some international experience, keep myself busy, and satisfy my travel bug. Making some money while doing it was a nice bonus! Maybe not the most profitable option, but it's there!
  8. I got into Ottawa with worse stats. My personal statement and references were strong though. I'd say in at Ottawa, decent chance at Queen's, possible Windsor, and in at UNB.
  9. Great! Really excited to start meeting you all
  10. On this topic, I will be attending! Anyone else planning on going out?
  11. Less spots always mean lower chances. February 10th is the deadline I believe so you can still apply if you want. It's hard to gauge what your chances are with no LSAT/GPA.
  12. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/ This chart is for Ontario (for reference) but the short answer is yes, depending on the school. If a school openly declares they will drop some of your grades, then it will shift up. If your school uses a 4.3 scale and the school you apply to uses a 4.0, then it will shift down. You need to contact admissions from the schools you are applying to, this is only way to know for sure how your transcript will be evaluated.
  13. Queen's undergraduate, I'll speak to the student life/general campus feel but can't really speak to academics. Queen's has strong school spirit. Tricolour is everywhere on campus and it really is incredible how much people love the school. It does have a reputation as a party school and Homecoming/St. Patrick's Day involves a lot of rowdy street parties. Depending where you went before, you may notice Queen's students are much more prideful, sometimes to the point where it gets annoying (the classic "my school is better than yours"). That said, it really is a strong community and students go out of their way to help one another out! The campus is almost all limestone and is really pretty in all four seasons. Lederman/John A. Macdonald Hall is a great place to study, although it is sometimes overrun by undergrads (like myself for the past four years... it's so quiet there). The reason I am going with Ottawa over Queen's is my need for a change of scenery, nothing to do with the school itself!
  14. Off the 157 by one point, and cGPA is a little low. I'd say you have a chance later on in the process. Might depend on your ECs/PS/References.
  15. If it's updated on OUAC you should be good. That said, an email couldn't hurt you if you're worried about it.
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