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  1. Just writing to thank everyone for sharing their perspectives. I've found all the comments here and, more broadly, on this forum very helpful!
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently a 0L slated to start law school in September. I am curious about extracurriculars in law school and, at risk of jumping the gun, thought I'd ask about them here. - How did you decide which extracurriculars to pursue? - How important is choice of extracurriculars and breadth of participation (e.g. the number of clubs joined) to employers? - I have noticed that working with a legal clinic and mooting are frequently mentioned in discussions on this topic. What was your experience like participating in them? - What was your experience like balancing extracurriculars with exam preparation? How many extracurriculars do you suggest pursuing in 1L?
  3. Got the call notifying me of admission today. GPA: 86% after drops (calculated using the gpa converter on this website) LSAT: 169 Best of luck to everyone awaiting a reply and congratulations to those who got in
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