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  1. Thanks for the replies! I should maybe clarify that although I eventually want to move back to Toronto, I would be happy even if this took me 5-10 years. I’m not necessarily looking to article or even start my career there right away. Would my prospects still be negatively impacted all that much by going to UBC in that case?
  2. Hi, I’ve been so happy to get in to both of these schools but it’s now put me into the tough position of deciding between them. I did my undergrad at UofT, have lived here all my life, and ultimately (in a few years) want to settle in the city. So although I know that UofT would be the best opportunity to do so, I really want to live in BC while I do my law school. I’m looking for an exciting change of pace and atmosphere. Am I crazy to consider rejecting my offer at UofT? I don’t want to work on Bay St and am interested in social justice law, i.e. environmental, human rights, or even IP. Thus the debt I’d incur at UofT is also a massive consideration for me. That said, it really seems like the connections and opportunities in the Toronto market at UofT can’t be beat. Any wisdom would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks!! By email, but when I checked my status had changed and I had also been offered a scholarship that was never mentioned in the email .
  4. Accepted a few hours ago! 170/3.94 and decent ECs. I never had any interview which was surprising considering my application gave no indication that I could speak French whatsoever hahah ...
  5. Got the email yesterday!! No call though (I'm currently living abroad). LSAT: 170 OLSAS GPA: 3.86 I wrote the optional essay and my last name begins with T. Very unrelated background so I was nervous about UofT! So relieved.
  6. In queue 19/Nov and accepted 20th! LSAT: 170, cGPA: 3.94 Strong references and good (but very unrelated) ECs.
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