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  1. Definitely didn't, however, my comments and advice would be more or less the same. Pull up GPA as high as possible + build up extra-curricular experiences so beef up the resume + apply broadly.
  2. Sounds like you're in the Windsor Dual Program. I would take a look at the externships in the US. Great great opportunity to gain meaningful experience and beef up your resume. Also look out for any clinic and Law Review opportunities. At the same time work hard to keep your GPA as high as possible. Those things in conjunction + applying broadly come 2L summer jobs/articling will help you land something. Just be open minded, and don't feel down if you don't land a bay street oci. Law school will be pushing that on you but there's a million opportunities outside of the seven sisters. That said if you do land something on Bay Street it would be a great learning opportunity for a few years, make serious coin, and once you feel the burn out coming you can take your experience and book of business elsewhere. TL;DR - study hard, get hands on experience, and apply as broadly as you can for 2L and articling positions.
  3. I used Ridolphi. I know everyone says to use Haircourts, but they're all the way downtown, and don't work weekends. Ridolphi is in North York, they have more flexible hours, and their pricing is more or less the same.
  4. Let’s break down the math. Suppose you’re hoping to make around $100,000 as a first year. That means that you’d have to bring in $250,000 to the firm (100,000/0.4) per year in terms of billings. That works out to about $20,833.33 per month. As there’s quite a big learning curve and it takes time to see a file through, If you ask me that’s a very big pill to swallow. On on the other hand, if they gave you a straight salary of let’s say $90,000 + bonus (so ideally to get you to that 100 range anyway) based on your billings, they could very easily lose money on you if you’re not performing. I would come back to them and ask for either a 60/40 split in your favour, or a straight salary of let’s say $70,000 + 20% commission based on your billings. Offering a lower starting salary but asking for a high commission shows you’re willing to work hard and you’re not just doing the 9-5 and relying on your base. You’re there to work and to earn your money. Then come year two you say ok I proved myself, I’m contributing to the firm. I’d like 85,000 + 20. And so forth. Give it a shot!
  5. I like the idea of a mandatory coop. Real experience is key to prepare students for articling and actually being a lawyer. Agree only one semester of con law is strange. Also mandatory coding? That’s odd. I also don’t like all the social justice nonsense they’re pushing. Ultimately though this whole thing is a joke. We don’t need any more lawschools in Ontario.
  6. This is awesome. Thank you very much!
  7. Hi everyone, I’m a relatively new call in the GTA and I’m looking for advice regarding how to build referral networks and where and how to refer clients to my firm. Thanks!
  8. Companies like Wix and Squarespace make it very simple to open a website. SEO is particularly key for gaining traffic. Blog posts and having a social media presence to then link back to your website is a good move. There’s also a plethora of legal news related websites (think precedent magazine or lawtimes or advocate daily) where you can send articles. Whatever method you can to drive traffic and more importantly turn that into meaningful clients is key.
  9. Specializing in complex corporate commercial transactional litigation vis a vis he put his booger on me so I pooped myself.
  10. That’s really silly, articling students are at the bottom of the food chain. I know because I recently was one lol. It’s 10 months of work hard and keep your mouth shut. Not sure what your personal work schedule has to do with theirs. Nothing wrong with you guys starting and ending a couple days past each other. The caveat being I suppose is that this is a gov job, which is needlessly bureaucratic and has more rules than the criminal code, so that could be why they want everything equal and why it may not make sense for us. Don’t be afraid to go to be principal directly if you get a weird answer. They won’t remove your offer just because you want to start a little bit early that’s fine. People have lives outside of work.
  11. Could have saved myself with “would appreciate your advice. Please advise.”
  12. Shouldn't be a problem. Assuming you've been dealing with his clerk/assistance/business manager and not the principal directly, I would shoot them an e-mail. Very briefly in a couple words outline what you're asking. Something like this is very admin and you don't have to bother the principal directly. They'll take care of it for you and get back to you. Assuming you're in 3L and therefore won't be starting articling until the summer, you're asking for a very minor change with plenty of time to account for it.
  13. Freshly called lawyer in the GTA. Recently started my first official associate position a couple weeks ago. Any and all job-specific advise and general career advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Lol whyyyyyyy would you do this
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