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  1. Mycousinsteve

    Waiting for bar exam results

    Tried calling in myself. Asked to speak to someone regarding the lawyer licensing process. The lady I reached just repeated the standard 6-8 weeks timeline as that’s what the “exam team” reported to her. Asked to he transferred to them to see if they have a more concrete timeline and she said they’re not accepting calls from candidates at this time. When I brought up the call to the bar dates, she said yes in theory we can find out very close before the call. I got the impression though she’s just repeating general information that’s accessible online and isn’t involved with the actual marking/admin, but it sounds like they’re too annoyed to give us the time of day. Looks like we might be waiting a bit longer than expected, or maybe they will stick to previous years’ timeline. Who the hell knows anymore.
  2. Mycousinsteve

    Waiting for bar exam results

    That’s what I’m thinking as well. Probably by the end of the month latest but hopefully sooner rather than later. Less people write in Nov so it shouldn’t take as long to mark. Although it’s all scantron so you’d think it would be instant
  3. Mycousinsteve

    Waiting for bar exam results

    It’s 3 weeks to the day. Hopefully some point this week we’ll all get the good news and can move on from this nightmare.
  4. I know I caught that too lol my bad. Rule 14^
  5. Mycousinsteve

    LSO Future of Articling/LPP

    I’m not a fan of maintaining the status quo two tier system. I’m sure LPP graduates have developed a great skill set in the actual practical aspects of law, but it nevertheless reinforces this stigma of those who could and those who couldn’t land articling. They should scrap both systems altogether, and incorporate more mandatory practical aspects in law school (such as moots, coop, clinics) and so forth, similar to Lakehead, which would enable students to start practising right away after law school while also being prepared from the practical stand point.
  6. Mycousinsteve

    LSO Future of Articling/LPP

    Sounds like more of the same: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/law-society-approves-lawyer-licensing-path-that-maintains-transitional-training-with-enhancements-702382351.html
  7. Mycousinsteve

    unusual (?) articling experience

    Enjoy the party while it lasts. It’s clealry a slow time at the firm but work will pick up and the lawyers will have you up to your eye balls with assignments when the time comes. You’ll miss this time. They’ll probably also have you doing mundane tasks like throwing out garbage and getting coffees if you keep hinting that you’re bored. When I had down time during articling I would kill time by reviewing the latest case law and working on blog posts for the firm. If you haven’t already, hit up CanLii and sign up for the notifications when relevant cases to your field get cited. Easy to way to stay up to date and have an intelligent opinion when a new decision comes out.
  8. Mycousinsteve

    Waiting for bar exam results

    What was your timing like? Did you finish all the questions with enough time to review the exam?
  9. What Douglas said. If you can run a trial, settlement conference is a joke. It’s just another form of a mediation but in front of a judge. He/She will give their opinion on both sides, there will probably be some egos being swung around and away you go. As long as you’re very familiar with the facts of your case and your client’s bottom line and BATNA you’ll be ok. Also be ready to throw in a Rule 49 at some point. Good luck!
  10. Mycousinsteve

    NYC for Canadian JDs

    ^what was stated above. Once you’re licensed in that jurisdiction, you can (on paper) contribute and do work for the firm. As a foreign law graduate without a license... not so much. There are other positions you can apply where you won’t be practising law but working in a legalish environment - think clinics, NGOs, and of course being in NY there’s tons of positions within the UN, government positions (try Canada’s consulate to NY and its embassy to the UN) not to mention banks and so forth. I’d try there.
  11. Mycousinsteve

    Waiting for bar exam results

    Mixed bag. I could answer some questions without flipping through the materials, others I had no idea and had to guess and move on.
  12. Mycousinsteve

    Waiting for bar exam results

    I’m in the same boat. Done articling. Passed. Barrister, just wrote solicitor in Nov. My heart skipped a beat when I received that same letter. Side note - it would be really beneficial for our mental health and just overall convenience if the LSO included a copy in our email of whatever they are sending us in our messaging portal. Or just scrap the messaging portal altogether and stick to email. I dont know if anyone has received the letter but then failed and got pulledout of the call. I wouldn’t read too much into the letter because of that disclaimer. I don’t know if there’s any “truth” to the following theory, but I’ve heard it’s a bit easier to pass in Nov/March as opposed to June, because you’re competing against a smaller pool of students (assuming the pass fail grade is decided based on some sort of a curve/median), the majority of whom aren’t Ontario JDs, whereas in a June, the vast majority of exam takers just wrapped 3L in an Ontario school. Who knows the whole thing is one big crap shoot. Also, although the LSO indicates it can take up to 8 weeks for our scores to be released, my understanding is that the March scores were released in under a month. So hopefully the same will apply here. Good luck!
  13. Mycousinsteve

    Using LOC to pay off OSAP??

    Pretty sure the answer is yes. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/tax-return/completing-a-tax-return/deductions-credits-expenses/line-319-interest-paid-on-your-student-loans.html my accountant confirmed as well before I filed my taxes. Edit: looks like we used the same link which says so long as you’re not combining your student LOC with other accounts such as when restructuring a debt, you’re ok to write off the interest portion of your LOC. PLEASE SPEAK TO AN ACCOUNTANT.
  14. Mycousinsteve

    Prep classes

    I took Harvard Ready. If you can swing it, it's a really good course and does a decent job in preparing you. Managed to raise my score by 10 points compared to when I was studying by myself at home. That said, do as many practise exams as you can, that's the main way to prepare.
  15. Mycousinsteve

    Sollicitor results November 2018

    From what I understand it's closer to two months in the summer, 4-5 weeks in the March/November sessions. I imagine that's obviously because more people write in the summer. I've also "heard" that it may be easier to pass in November/March because you're competing with less people but who knows. Your guess is as good as mine as to how this thing is actually graded though.