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  1. Thank you for the clarification, I wasn’t sure.
  2. I think the ignorant people here are those who use “insults” such as “asshole” “ignorant” “dumb” and so forth to try and prove a point, rather than engaging in any form of meaningful and constructive debate. My critique has and remains that there is very clearly a far-left political correctness vibe on this thread, and any counterpoint to the contrary is met with name calling or sarcastic emoticons. Also my last comment was a shot again you for calling me “dumb” - I hope that would be your argument in a pleading or before a judge because it won’t end very well for you. Anyways to wrap things up as this thread has gone way off course, my perspective remains the same that while of course there are still issues in our society which need to be addressed, a person does not have to feel guilty or sorry for having worked hard in Their academics which has now landed them a meaningful career and remuneration. Those matters have nothing to do with skin colour or privilege, and should certainly not feel guilty, contrary to whatever you may be reading. Rather, we should celebrate each other’s success and use it as motivation to work harder and develop our own success. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone
  3. Let me know how that argument works out for you when drafting pleadings, I would love it if all the clients on the other side of my files had lawyers like you.
  4. That’s not at all what I was saying but I thank the perversion of my comments and for you ultimately showing what this thread is about. You’re either on the far left or you have no business being on this thread and having an opinion. To be successful is akin to being guilty and to having wronged others and let’s all cry about it.
  5. So much for Freedom of Expression though
  6. Notice how you’re the one who called me an asshole, that I need to “grow the fuck up” and that I’m ignorant for disagreeing with the position of another? I think you’re the one who needs to grow up and learn to respect the opinions of others. My concern with OP is that in general, it’s very fashionable in today’s day and age or overt political correctness to go on about privilege or “white privilege” when in fact that person had to roll up their sleeves big time to get to their position in life. I would agree if it was the 20s and 30s, a time when If you were a woman, person of colour, Jewish, or other type of minority, it would have been very difficult to be accepted into university, much less find a position at a prominent law firm which provided a meaningful salary and career path. Then surely having a family connection or being white or having financial means would be an advantage But it’s 2019 - as long as you work hard, your race or ethnicity or whatever is no longer relevant to your success. In terms of being debt free, sure that’s awesome to have a family to support you. But there’s also private and government backed loans so it’s not as if universities have become a place of higher education exclusive to the wealthy. Anyone and everyone can go if you work hard. But to be ashamed that someone has a family who helped them? That’s inspiring and I’m sure we’d all want to do the same for our kids.
  7. So you’re saying you didn’t work your ass off to get into university, maintain a high GPA, pass the LSAT, get into law school, maintain good grades in law school, kill articling interviews, work yourself to the grindstone during articling, pass the bar, and now you’re where you are? this whole “white privilege” discussion is total bullshit and nonsense. I don’t understand the guilt people have for being successful. And you shouldn’t be guilty for your parents having worked that hard to provide a good life for you as I’m sure you will for your kids.
  8. How were you/are you “privileged?”
  9. If you’re paying out of pocket probably not. I’m all for networking but that’s a hefty price tag and there are always more affordable/free events.
  10. And apologies if I was being harsh or mean that wasn’t my intention. I had the same complaint regarding my articling experience. You still have a couple months left I would approach your articling principal and just ask. Hi I’ve done xyz so far but I’m missing this one experience. If there’s an opportunity I’d really love to get involved and help out. I’m sure they’d say yes.
  11. Listen I understand it can be frustrating, but with all due respect - grow up. Welcome to the real world. Life isn’t “fair.” Firms have a business to run and that’s their bottom line. Articling students are at the very bottom of the rung unfortunately. Nobody cares about you at all because other than cheap labour, you don’t bring anything to the table. Your concerns are not really there’s, and there’s absolutely no guarantee of hire back at all. Hell there’s no guarantee of even getting an articling position even after spending all this time and money and effort going through law school. Time to wake up, be an adult and move on. Start applying broadly and I’m sure you’ll land on your feet but you have to have a good attitude. Complaining about why you were wronged won’t get you anywhere.
  12. Interesting article I’ll have to take a look
  13. DB pension = safe to assume you’re in a government position? Any tips for transitioning into a government position from private practise?
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