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  1. Mycousinsteve

    Law school attire

    Are they even a real team?
  2. Mycousinsteve

    Law school attire

    Because of how they dressed in law school? That's very superficial of you. It's school, everyone is there to learn and be comfortable. Much less get shit faced on the weekends. You should judge people if they're a team player on projects, if they study hard, and the reputation they subsequently build in their practise. That they didn't dress to your standards so now you won't give them some sort of a recommendation? Get over yourself.
  3. Mycousinsteve

    1L Summer prospects (Outside of Toronto-Southwestern Ontario)

    Keep in mind in General, it’s tough to land a summer job, much less one for 1L. You don’t have any tangible skills you can bring to the firm, and it’s only for a couple of months. A lot of firms may feel the investment just is not worth it. That being said keep your head up, apply extremely broadly, and start cold calling firms directly. I’d also explore non-firm related positions, such as being a RA for a prof, working in a clinic/non profit, or even something in a business setting but it atleast gives you something to talk about on your resume. If you have the opportunity to travel though that’s not a bad call, gives you something more unique to discuss, and you literally have your whole life to work. Do something fun if you can. Trust me nobody will ever ask you where you summered.
  4. Mycousinsteve

    Law school attire

    No change from undergrad. Nobody looks nor cares about you. I'd keep a set of dress shirt/dress pants/tie etc for formal occasions but otherwise you're fine
  5. Mycousinsteve

    Salary Chart (spliced)

    This is a great resource. It's going to very easily get pushed back overtime. If there's a way to pin this towards the homepage of the career services section by the mods that would be great for future new lawyers.
  6. Mycousinsteve

    Changing Articling

    If you have the opportunity to jump ship and it’s a much better opportunity all around go for it. You’re just at the beginning of your career. It’s not unheard of to change firms.
  7. Mycousinsteve

    Average Starting Salary

    You can start a chart like that via google sheets, and have interested parties add their info in a new column
  8. Mycousinsteve

    Average Starting Salary

    When you’re dealing with potential 7 figure settlements, after sweating it out for upwards of 5 years, you can imagine the pay the lawyers are going to ask is going to be a pretty penny.
  9. Mycousinsteve

    What are law school classes like?

    PM me I’d be happy to talk
  10. Mycousinsteve

    Average Starting Salary

    Lol Oatley Vigmond. This is a totally asshole comment to make, but I remember during the OCI recruit sending out a total last minute backup bullshit application to them and commenting on my "passion for the Barrie lifestyle." They have the last laugh though because that's a killer salary.
  11. Mycousinsteve

    Average Starting Salary

    PM'd you
  12. Mycousinsteve

    I want to die

    I don't know if you're saying that in a figurative sense out of frustration, or if you're actually feeling down mentally. Either way, do not beat yourself up. It's a long and challenging process for a reason. The system is designed to be difficult to ensure that only those individuals who are hard working and possess a relatively solid academic background can enter our profession. The logic being that being a lawyer itself can be difficult, challenging, and taxing from time to time. Look I don't know your specific situation in detail. But as the old saying goes "if it was easy everyone would do it." Everyone has their own difficult path and life is definitely not fair. You just have to accept that and suck it up. Welcome to being an adult. But that being said, put on your big girl panties, figure out where you went wrong, put together a strategy moving forward to improve, and go from there. Be it getting a tutor to pull up your undergrad grades, pursuing a masters to make yourself a more compelling applicant, signing up for a prep course for the LSAT so that you have a better chance of getting a competitive score to offset your GPA, etc. There's only so much general pointers you'll get on the internet. Speak to your university's career services. Call up the law schools you have you heart set on. Speak to the relevant individuals and set a path moving forward to attain your goals. Sure getting into law school is hard, but it's not impossible. Plenty of people do it every year. Figure out where you're going wrong, set achievable goals, and move forward. And you know what, if it doesn't work out for you, believe you me there are many many many rewarding professions out there where you can have a rewarding and meaningful career with a solid income. Plenty of law students after law school don't even end up practising and transition into something else. Work your ass off, and one way or another you'll achieve your dreams. Most importantly, if you're feeling down mentally, please speak to someone. Your parents, a friend, a counsellor, just somebody. And I mean a real person, not strangers on the internet. Get help, that's the most important thing and your health is #1. Don't bottle it up inside.
  13. Mycousinsteve

    Solicitors exam - March or June?

    I’m very sorry for your loss. I also lost a parent. It never fully goes away, it just gets slightly less awful with time. Unfortunately “life goes on.” I’m sure your mom will be proud that you passed an exam and you’re a soon to be lawyer. If I were you I would give it more time. You’ll never be truly ready but you know in your gut the stage you’re at. That being said, you have about a month until solicitor, that gives you a lot of time to prepare, so I would make that decision closer to the deadline to make a change. Sign up for the tutoring if you haven’t already, make sure your index is up to par, practise as many practise questions as you can, and make sure you know PR like the back of your hand. You’ve gone through this process before and you’re clearly capable or passing. Keep hustling and before you know it you’ll be a lawyer. Feel free to PM if you have any specific questions. I also had to go through the joy of these exams more than once.
  14. Mycousinsteve

    Government Legal Positions

    Don't really have experience with gov positions, but from just a general career perspective, don't feel pressured that the type of practise you articled in now dictates the rest of your 40+ year career. Lawyers jump around all the time. It's a numbers game. Apply broadly, and work your network. Ultimately these gov positions are highly covitted so you're going to want to beef up your resume as much as possible but it may come down to who you know. Apply apply apply and hit the networking pavement.