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  1. If you’re paying out of pocket probably not. I’m all for networking but that’s a hefty price tag and there are always more affordable/free events.
  2. And apologies if I was being harsh or mean that wasn’t my intention. I had the same complaint regarding my articling experience. You still have a couple months left I would approach your articling principal and just ask. Hi I’ve done xyz so far but I’m missing this one experience. If there’s an opportunity I’d really love to get involved and help out. I’m sure they’d say yes.
  3. Listen I understand it can be frustrating, but with all due respect - grow up. Welcome to the real world. Life isn’t “fair.” Firms have a business to run and that’s their bottom line. Articling students are at the very bottom of the rung unfortunately. Nobody cares about you at all because other than cheap labour, you don’t bring anything to the table. Your concerns are not really there’s, and there’s absolutely no guarantee of hire back at all. Hell there’s no guarantee of even getting an articling position even after spending all this time and money and effort going through law school. Time to wake up, be an adult and move on. Start applying broadly and I’m sure you’ll land on your feet but you have to have a good attitude. Complaining about why you were wronged won’t get you anywhere.
  4. Interesting article I’ll have to take a look
  5. DB pension = safe to assume you’re in a government position? Any tips for transitioning into a government position from private practise?
  6. I really don’t know I can only speculate but I’ve heard of such an arrangement. Working “in association with x firm”
  7. I’m interested in exploring different practise models. Being an employee is not something I’m interested in long term. I’ve heard of “Practise in association” with established firms but I’m not sure how that works. Do you have to kick in a contribution towards rent? Clerks? Do you get a salary or just a straight commission? I presume it’s a combination of those factors. If anyone has some experience with this model please let me know. Thanks!
  8. If you’re in agreement on the facts than I’d imagine you should be going to summary judgment. Look up the rules on SJ and you’ll figure it out.
  9. I used OLE. Not bad. Some info was missing which made my heart stink during the exam but far and few questions in between. Saved me a lot of time from having to organize it myself. Make sure you know PR like the back of your hand.
  10. Agreed, however, I felt Rash was being unnecessarily aggressive in his/her response.
  11. Your analysis on the cost/benefits of a student, what they "bring" and so forth is spot on. 100% agreed.
  12. Rather than being a dick, I think you could have accomplished the same "caution" by simply advising that the ESA fundamentals such as min wage doesn't cover individuals in our profession. Sometimes you can be nice and still get the message across. Just a thought.
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