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  1. Hi there! I’m starting UofT in August and in the process of sorting out my LOC. Various UofT documents state that students “must” apply for an LOC through Scotia or TD; another says they are the preferred lenders. My personal circumstances make another bank a more favourable option for me. Is it possible to get an LOC from somewhere other than Scotia or TD as a UofT student, or are we required to go through these banks? Thanks in advance!
  2. accepted!! will be declining for a toronto school tho LSAT: 162 cGPA/B2/L2: 3.87
  3. sorry just saw this! i only did the personal statement and one optional essay since i already sorta discussed diversity factors throughout my existing submission
  4. accepted on dec 18! caught the status change on uoZone, guessing the email will come later today LSAT: 162 (Sept 2018), cGPA: 3.87
  5. got in queue and got accepted on nov 20! LSAT: 162, cGPA: 3.86
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