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  1. @lindsn I was waiting for the offer to appear on OLSAS. I have declined. Good luck to you and others who are waiting!!
  2. Accepted off the waitlist just now. Waitlisted since February. OLSAS CGPA: 3.42 L2: 3.89 (don't know if this matters) LSAT: 162
  3. Hmmm...maybe this is an indicator that a numbered waitlist will be coming out soon.
  4. Just got waitlisted. Does anyone know if there is a difference between these two? Says "Waiting List" for Regular JD: We have put your application on the waiting list. We will inform you as soon as a decision has been reached. and "Unnumbered Waitinglist" for JD/MBA "You have been placed on the unnumbered waitlist. If you do not wish to remain on the waitlist please inform us by sending an email to"
  5. Thanks so much everyone! Really made me feel better to know that I'm not alone.
  6. I'm sorry to post again but I am getting a bit freaked out. Seems like all or most of the remaining decisions have gone out, yet I am still under evaluation. Do you think it's possible that they forgot about my application? Is anyone else still under evaluation as well?
  7. Hi, Is anyone else still under evaluation? 😕
  8. How can they be already taking people off the waitlist when a bunch of us are still under evaluation?!
  9. I don't understand why I'm still under evaluation if they have already made decisions/reviewed everyone. How long does it take to just update "waitlisted" or "rejected"...? This is absurd. They told me I would hear back during the first week of June at the latest when I called. It's now July and nothing. Why did they even bother saying that? How were they so incapable of estimating the completion of file reviews? Also, why is there absolutely no consistency to what each admissions person is saying?
  10. @theboy @CatLady I'm still pending as well but odds are that I will be in the next wave of rejections
  11. @SneakySuspect and @faoejfowjfjewaofjwa OMG CONGRATS!!!!! Your stats are amazing. Well deserved :). Best of luck with your decisions!
  12. @capitalttruth That's what I mean. A numbered waitlist at least provided people with an opportunity to assess the probability of admittance based on historical data. An unnumbered waitlist of 300 people does not provide any valuable insight whatsoever and just prolongs a mass sense of anxiety and total uncertainty. At least Queen's waitlist is relatively short.
  13. @capitalttruth honestly, is this a joke? They specifically told me that the waitlist would be coming out at the start of June. At this point, we'll likely hear back from queen's (good or bad) before Ottawa. I specifically love how their admissions website said they hoped to make all decisions by the end of May. When I called they said the start of June because they are behind. Now they are saying the end of June?! If it's not even numbered, then that task should be even simpler. How long is the waitlist for Ottawa? If it's like three hundred people, then the waitlist is essentially meaningless.
  14. I'm so sorry for those who have been rejected but I really appreciate the fact that you all posted. Thank you so much. Best of luck with your other application!
  15. @IWantJD been in queue since November 6 lol
  16. @capitalttruth Is your L2 the same as your B2?
  17. @HOPEFULshould They told me they were almost full about 2 or 3 weeks ago over the phone. I did not specifically ask about access applicants. I wouldn't even bother calling them. The guy on the phone seemed very annoyed, kept sighing, and the only thing he said was that "decisions come out when they are made". He could not provide me with a time that we would be hearing back. When you e-mail them, it takes them 2 weeks to answer and the reply I received to my question was one sentence long and filled with spelling mistakes.
  18. Still waiting on Queens and Ottawa. I have arbitrarily decided that June 17 is the last day that I will be waiting. At least with Ottawa, I can determine if I have a realistic shot off the waitlist. I have been on Windsor's waitlist since February, so I know that with Queens' unnumbered waitlist, we're essentially in the same as the position we're in now. Otherwise, I need to start finding a place to live in Fredericton.
  19. @SpaceLawyer When I called two weeks ago, Andrew said the class was "close to full". So, considering people have been accepted since then, I don't think we have a great shot. I saw a few access applicants were accepted in this year's thread; however, if CoffeeandLaw is correct, then we cannot actually tell who is being admitted under access or general. Even if we get on the waitlist, as it is unnumbered, we're in essentially the same position as now.
  20. There is a rejection thread here: So confused and honestly, I am getting tired of waiting. I just want an answer one way or another so I can move on and rent a place for September.
  21. Hi! Have any more access applicants heard back? I'm starting to get a bit anxious. Will there be a mass rejection and waitlist period?
  22. @2ndtry101 @emilymilymily Congrats! I was just wondering if you guys were notified via e-mail or SOLUS and at what time?
  23. @JamesBond Sorry for the confusion. I had e-mailed them inquiring and that was part of their response. Just letting people know so that they get their marks in as quickly as possible as the e-mail also stated that "The Admission Committee is working on a rolling basis".
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