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  1. @Esco455 Step 1: After paying for your deposit, set up your eservices: https://eservices.unb.ca/eservices/student/ Step 2: Under the tab, "Residence", click "Apply for residence". Step 3: Pay your residence deposit fee: https://www.unb.ca/fredericton/residence/fees/index.html The deadline to apply and pay the deposit is May 15. Your decision will show up on eservices as well. Alternatively, you can directly apply here: https://es.unb.ca/forms/residence-application/ The process above applies for all residences (including EPJ) with the exception of Magee House. Magee House Process: Step 1: https://www.unb.ca/fredericton/residence/_assets/documents/magee-house-app.pdf Step 2: e-mail this completed form to [email protected]
  2. @clevermoose my deadline was seven weeks from acceptance 🤔
  3. @clevermoose I think it's really good that you sent 2 references, as that's what I did since I knew it was difficult applying out of province. Here's some hope: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2099336207030464/ There are currently 13 members, 3 of which are already current UNB students in leadership positions. I know that sometimes people don't join Facebook groups or post on forums; however, I believe that having merely ten members is an indicator that it is very early in the cycle in terms of seats offered/filled.
  4. Hi @clevermoose I know you're worried but I just looked at the past "Accepted to UNB 2018" thread and a few Ontario students last year were admitted on March 6 as a group. As they are considering a later LSAT this cycle and from what I understand, Wanda conducts the dropped GPA and LSAT index by hand, this cycle is generally slower for the later rounds. I don't think you should be worried about admittance with your stats; however, I do understand it's frustrating to wait indefinitely with no communication as well as acceptance and deposit deadlines from other schools. Also, remember that I was admitted and I am from Ontario. I have never even been to New Brunswick. I once went to Halifax for 3 days 5 years ago but obviously, I did not include that in my application, so there is hope for out-of-province applicants. Good luck (not that you need it) and I hope you in!
  5. @clevermoose @NovemberRain In Ontario, Bora Laskin prefers students with a Northern Ontario connection. If you look at medical schools, Western has a preference towards SWOMEN students Northern Ontario School of Medicine prefers students who have a connection to Northern Ontario. Therefore, these practices exist in exclusive professional programs in Ontario as well. Such admissions biases are put in place to equalize access to education and socioeconomic barriers that exist due to geography. They also exist to increase the likelihood that students will give back to an identifiably disadvantaged local community that has been perceived as being lacking in professionally-trained residents who can boost the economy and local services. Furthermore, there are spots for individuals across all universities for access, mature and Indigenous claims. Are these practice perfect equalizing policies? No, but I would argue that they help.
  6. Hi @DougFromOntario I e-mailed admissions last night asking the following question: "I was just hoping to have some clarification as to whether or not all initial/pre-waitlist offers have already been sent out." This was Anya's reply: "Thank you for your email. We have not yet sent out the waitlist, we're hoping to have it out in the next couple of weeks." Hope that helps!
  7. Hi, I don't think people are being negative but rather realistic about @PrayforMe's chances. The GPA of 3.7 (after drops) and 158 is an average of many different types of applicants. There are only 92 seats and for obvious reasons, the majority of these seats are reserved for maritime students. The admissions committee will be more lenient with maritime applicants as they have fewer overall opportunities than students from Ontario (like me). Furthermore, those students with "far lower LSATs" may have had far higher GPAs. Therefore, out of province applicants tend to need higher GPAs and LSAT scores than the admissions average. OP's chances depend on the stats of this year's out of province applicants and the remaining seats. All things equal, people like clevermoose will be admitted first and then, the OP will have a chance if there are remaining seats.
  8. @CrimNation Try e-mailing them. You never know, maybe they'll make an exception for you.
  9. @CrimNation It is March 1st 12:46 a.m. in Halifax.
  10. @IrishStew After searching online, I'm starting to feel as though both residences are overpriced. This website has prices starting September 1st: https://collegehillapartments.ca/991-regent-street/ Most of the properties are very close to Ludlow Hall, more modern than both Magee Hall and EPJ, there's far more transparency in terms of photos, and I like the idea of a real estate agent as I am living out of province. I know it's super early but I just want to have as much planned out as possible so that I can financially prepare.
  11. @IrishStewThis is my understanding but I could be totally wrong: Magee House is an apartment (special application, unfurnished, you choose your own roommates, you don't have to vacate during the holidays), while EPJ is a suite (regular application - no guarantee of placement, semi-furnished, may until end of exam period & then, January until end of exam period). Magee is more expensive for a 1 bedroom but less expensive for 2/3 bedrooms. The problem is that there are no photos so I am currently looking for apartments near campus as well.
  12. Hi, I am looking for a flatmate for a 2-bedroom apartment at Magee House starting September 2019. It's a 6-minute walk to Ludlow Hall. From September 1-April 30, the rent is $1090 a month. This includes heat and internet. The rooms are unfurnished and electricity is the responsibility of the tenants. We will be required to pay a month's rent deposit in the summer to secure our position. My boyfriend and I are looking for someone who would be interested in submitting an application with us. As there are two of us in one room, we will be paying $600 a month, 2/3 of the electricity, 2/3 of the deposit, while you would be paying $490 a month, 1/3 of the electricity, and 1/3 of the deposit. Please let me know by PM if any law students are interested in submitting an application with us. There are only 47 2-bedroom apartments, so we would like to get an early start on applications.
  13. I went from "incomplete" to "waitlisted"?! Just skipped the referred or pending review apparently. cGPA 3.36 LSAT 162
  14. Hello everyone, Do we need an official letter of confirmation regarding enrollment to apply for a LOC or do acceptance letters suffice? Thank you for your time.
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