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  1. HelloLawSchool

    Where do you get licensed?

    Was looking last night: "Canada has mobility agreements among the provinces/territories that allow lawyers licensed in one common-law jurisdiction to practice in another common-law jurisdiction" https://www.lawyeredu.org/canada.html Has the process for each province as well.
  2. HelloLawSchool

    Tuition Hikes

    The article that luckycharm posted says the following: "UNB plans to raise tuition fees for all faculties. Highest hit, however, will be the law school. Initial proposals called for a 50.92 per cent increase in tuition for law students to more than $10,000 a year from the present $6,626. After student protests, this has been reduced to $8,786."
  3. HelloLawSchool

    Ontario Articling Opportunities

    @NFLDFree thanks for your reply and I apologize if I wasn't clear. When I said "low tuition fees", I did mean compared to Ontario schools. Even with the tuition hike (thanks @Luckycharm), the cost of living at Parr residence in a single suite ($7,812) + tuition ($8,786) + additional fees ($4,514.5) = $21, 112.5, which is comparable or under many Ontario law school's tuition (excluding rent). I just needed to know how substantial the hike would be and whether the overall cost would still be relatively low for me (which it is).
  4. @Mathiscool They received my fall grades on January 14th and Wanda e-mailed me to say I was accepted on January 29th. I am also an Ontario student with almost exactly the same stats, so you definitely have a chance! Application submitted December 5th.
  5. HelloLawSchool

    Application Status

    @Danny257 In the start of December, Emma said it would be removed from my file within 24h and it's still there. I hope it doesn't signify a lack of competitiveness.
  6. HelloLawSchool

    Tuition Hikes

    I apologize in advance for spamming this thread; however, I wanted to make two separate topics that may be of interest to other potential students. I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of attending UNB by my March 18th deadline. One of the pros is the low tuition cost and low living expenses; however, I heard that last year there were announcements concerning a significant tuition hike for 2019-2020 students. Students were protesting and the outcome of the protest was unclear. The tuition for 2019-2020 students is said to be released in "Spring 2018", which may be after my acceptance deadline. Does anyone have any idea if there will be a tuition hike and how significant it will be? Thank you.
  7. Hi, I am an Ontario student and I have been accepted to UNB recently. I am very drawn to the idea of a small community/class size and low tuition. I was wondering if any recent graduates could provide me with some insight into the obstacles regarding a career in Ontario (aka articling opportunities). Thank you.
  8. HelloLawSchool

    Accepted to UNB 2019

    Accepted today! Received the e-mail from Wanda about an hour ago. SOOO excited. I honestly cannot believe it considering my low stats. Most likely accepting. Ontario Student, General Category LSAT: 162 OLSAS CGPA: 3.36
  9. HelloLawSchool

    Application Incomplete

    My application still says incomplete & LSAT initiated since October 20th. I am getting a bit worries as people are already being accepted. Should we be concerned? Has anyone's status recently switched to referred?
  10. HelloLawSchool

    Access Category

    From last year's accepted thread, these were the first two access acceptances; however, some people may have been accepted under the category and did not specify or did not post in the forum. Posted February 6, 2018 Just checked uozone, in! 3.86 CGPA 159 LSAT Access good luck to others waiting for offers! Posted March 14, 2018 Accepted Early Feb. LSAT: 159 GPA: 3.33 L2: 3.87 Access MA & Work Exp.
  11. HelloLawSchool


    First of all, not everybody has to go through the same application process. There are different categories, which was the point of my post. I am asking those who have experience applying in this category if they know what is expected for access claims (aside from the additional essays). As she said, "I'd imagine", she is not applying in my category. I did not in any way suggest that anyone has a duty or an obligation to help me. I even said, "Thanks in advance for any replies". I did not appreciate the tone of the comment "Aren't you a little late to be posting this now given the deadline was a month and a half ago" and was simply pointing out that I found it rude and unhelpful.
  12. HelloLawSchool


    I'm not late. I already supplied them with with my transcripts, LSAT and personal statements, including appropriate supplementary essays, by October 9th. I am simply asking because they are still in the process of evaluating our files and the matter was not clear on any of their websites. I figured that if they are willing to look at updated LSAT scores and transcripts, they are also willing to look at additional documentation. I do not want to submit documentation unless it is absolutely necessary, as the whole process already makes me feel vulnerable and insecure. I did not appreciate your reply and found it both unhelpful and rude.
  13. HelloLawSchool


    Hi, Thanks in advance for any replies. I have applied "access" to schools in Ontario. Should I submit proof of my access claims via OLSAS or will the schools contact me if they need further documentation?
  14. HelloLawSchool

    Application Status

    Thank you for your reply. I have e-mailed them with a screenshot of the situation. I applied to the access category. I have neither applied to nor attended Duke University. I did write my LSAT in Toronto in November and I only achieved a 162; hence the reason why I am confused about this LSAT Duke University requirement.
  15. HelloLawSchool

    Application Status

    Just wondering if anyone else's application has "LSAT Duke University" checked off under requirements? I don't understand...