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  1. I got in with a 3.65/170 and i did exchange in 3rd year :) Mind you i had great ECs and I only got in off the waitlist in may But with your higher GPA i think you have a great shot. UofT does seem to prefer GPA to other app components.
  2. Declined for UofT yesterday - hope my spot goes to someone whose dreams come true!!!!
  3. Email, then i checked oasis and it was there No clue which one came first though!
  4. Accepted this morning' 3.65 cgpa, 3.7 B2 170 Still deciding between Oz and Queens! Good luck to all!
  5. Accepted via phone ; posted in main thread
  6. Accepted off the wait list today! 3.6 GPA, 3.73 b2/l2 170 Probably going to reject for Oz or Queen's due to tuition and the fact I'm not going into corporate
  7. Did mine today - its provisional acceptance. We have until June 1st to put the deposit down. Until then your other apps will stay open! Cheers!
  8. Just got the acceptance email! 3.63 CGPA/L2/B3, 170 LSAT. Strong ECs and a PS of probably medium to strong callibur. Diversity factors too. Accepting unless I get into osgoode or uoft off of wait list. Best of luck all!!
  9. I'll be the first in line! In all seriousness, thanks everyone for the advice. I went into osgoode today and talked to the admissions lady and she said "we haven't even filled the class up yet, theres still plenty of movement to come in April and May"
  10. Not at all. To be honest I'm not sure what happened. I thought I had a good PS, I know I have great ECs, work experience and references. Feeling a little lost to be honest. Everyone I talk to acts like it's crazy I haven't been accepted yet but I genuinely have no clue what I did wrong...
  11. Oasis. Do you know if that indicates a difference?
  12. Waitlisted March 29 Cga/l.2: 3.63 LSAT 170 Feels bad let's keep our chin up though folks!
  13. Wait listed! 3.63 cGPA/l2/B3, 170 lsat. Strong ECs and a PS of probably medium to strong callibur. Good luck everyone!
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