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  1. Thanks @Ryn so am I laughably confused by this thanks for clearing it up. I've applied to schools all over, which must have made me even more lost. You've cleared it up greatly for me!
  2. I am talking on the 4.3 scale. So maybe this is where I am getting confused? Many people post in the threads saying "accepted now with 3.5 and 162", and they are in fact in the same boat as me and are confused. For reference I just did the 4.0 scale and came out to 3.48 which in my head makes sense. I think I am just hung up on this 4.3 thing.
  3. Ok folks, Setting here waiting to hear back I am more than ever confused on the calculation of GPA on a 4.3 scale. Looking at other people posting stats has me more confused than ever even after I put my grades into the calculator. My Cgpa is 76ish and OLAS calculates it out to be 3.09, and that makes sense to me. My l2 is 79.8, and on the calculator that comes out to 3.3 exactly, and that's what confuses me, as I see people posting that their l2 are things like 3.5 or 3.6. This can't be caused by having inconstant grades, I have only 1 60% grade and 1 90% grade in my entire university, so I would say I am a constant student. This is obviously my bad for not doing enough research about getting into law school during my undergrad, in my head coming in I had it that 80% (3.7) +good LSAT gives you a good chance, which in my mind I nearly have. So basically is my gpa way to far away to have a chance to get in at 3.3 or am I overthinking this?
  4. See folks classic crazy Marxist students You be careful to what you say or I'll take your OSAP away!
  5. The deadline for September seemed to have been March 1. You're probably our of luck. If they did let you apply though, it takes about 3 weeks to get your LSAT score back so it would be much too late for them to consider anyway.
  6. Look on your LSAC accountant under "law school reports" See if the schools requested the LSAT, I can see the exact dates that the schools received my updated score.
  7. Khan academy is a great free source. My diagnostic test was garbage at 130, and I didn't need to buy anything else until I started flat lining at 157-161. Try it out first, it maybe all you need if you find out your are a natural at the LSAT.
  8. Hopefully they save spots for out of province Premiers like me!
  9. Does it maybe have anything to do with reference letters? Considering they are optional I have no idea how many people send them in or how relevant they are for general applications.
  10. I really like the Lakehead approach to not telling you anything. Takes alot of the panic out of it. My status changed from pending to referred this morning and the same new link is on mine.
  11. I went back to pending review the day after I wrote the january lsat
  12. Well lets hope we get on that waitlist soon! If anyone gets a waitlist email please start a waitlist thread, it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. The upside is that Waterloo and UofT have the best computer science grads in the country. https://uwaterloo.ca/co-operative-education/why-co-op/co-op-earnings/hourly-earnings-information By in large CS students make $25-35 an hour in while still an undergrad student. Its important not to mix up the quality of computer science education in Canada, there are massive disparities in quality of education.
  14. Stick with the computer science at Waterloo. Especially if its coop. I'm still waiting to hear back from law schools, but thanks to my networking I already have a full time job the minute I step out of Waterloo. Yea my grades are a little lower, and it will be tougher to get into law schools, but the opportunities the Waterloo affords you are second to none.
  15. Same here. Doesn't even show up on my LSAC account that they have requested my lsat score. Keeps us on our toes guessing whats next haha.
  16. What would cause you to go back to pending review? I went back to that about 3 weeks ago
  17. Remember in the email they said: "We do not provide students with login details to check the status of their file. You will be notified if you are wait listed or admitted. We do not send out rejections until all files have been read" So we just sit and wait I guess. I fell its less stressful than Windsor, look at all of us nervous in the threads about minor status changes. Kinda nice if you ask me
  18. They probably know you broke your contract with Montreal, and worried about writing another one with you. https://www.cfl.ca/2019/02/27/alouettes-release-johnny-manziel/ Lucky you got into law school so you don't need to throw anymore interceptions
  19. Happened to me. I think its because I re-wrote the LSAT January. Even though they say they won't take it they still requested it from LSAC
  20. You can check on the LSAC, website to make sure that the score has been requested and sent. It will take a couple days but it will be there. Took almost a week for the November LSAT
  21. I got the email and it says pending review as well. Keep us updated please.
  22. Seems like to me that for positions that require only a Canadian JD, you only put that on your resume. For positions that require both you would put both down. Remembering myself in highschool I thought I was better than other students applying because I got accepted to an "elite" school compare to many other students. I think the mixed reviews we read here are the remnants of that attitude. If it matters to you I am also applying to the double degree, but I actually like Detroit as a city for some reason and besides costs, and extra workload I struggle to see how this will truly hurt me.
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