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  1. My apologies into the first part then. Coop students across Canada make significantly more money than OP is making, and they teach this in undergrad as a basic "self-evaluation". I still feel like you can provide more to the conversation with your comments then. How do you properly estimate your value as the student at the firm?
  2. At 40 hours a week you are making less than minimum wage. So start of with its illegal... And negotiate to what you feel provides a value to both you and the firm. About what you should be making is 1/3 of the work you can bill. What do you estimate the value of that to be? But if you are not comfortable with that ask if they can cover fees and or having a living stipend. If this is your first office job I can understand the apprehension. Good luck my dude :).
  3. Here it is the premier's report on the events of tonight! 1. No open bar. Wtf is this, I want to be wined and dined not having to ration my one bottle of beer for 2 hours. 2. Complete sales pitch, and got told about all the great jobs dual degree kids get. But I assume this is at all of these welcome events for 0Ls. 3. People actually gave talks on how dual degree can be a benefit, don't understand why this isn't on the website, some of the examples are actually good, and is strange that it is not part of the marketing materials online. 4. Snacks were lackluster. 5. Maybe 10? 0Ls were there. 6. Confirmed to be an alumni event. Lots of the people there seemed excited to see freinds from school that they haven't seen in a while. 7. Missed an opportunity by not having this in the Windsor ballroom. Overall 7/10 happy I went.
  4. Good to see there are other men of culture here.
  5. North York sucks and Montreal doesn't. Keep that in mind as well. I lived a semester in Montreal, and from a student standpoint there is nothing that could be better. Cheap beer, easy to find parking for freinds, they have a subway pass that gives you unlimited rides on the weekends when your pals come to visit. The city is clean, the art gallery is free for young people, arts stuff all over the city, free events all over, the Canadians are cheaper to watch than the leafs. No 401 traffic, or 407 bills. There are still strip clubs.
  6. Is it though? From the looks of this forum it would appear that we will be at a massive disadvantage compared to other law students in Ontario. I go to this event and they say "look! You can be successful too just like these 3 people out of the hundreds of grads! Don't worry these people will totally be like you, no way you will fail!" Hopefully I don't fall for the marketing hahah. I just want to be wined and dined. I work a 20 minute drive away.
  7. If your school curves to a B you did above average in every single class. How is this in anyway bad?
  8. Considering that they extended the application I don't see them doing much movement until after the new deadline. They never replied to any of my emails so you're more or less wasting you time by trying to get into contact with them. You have good stats so you probably still have an excellent chance, hang in there man!
  9. Just to be safe make sure that you include your grade 8 honor roll designation, as well as the place that you came in during the grade 4 cross country meet! You really gotta set yourself apart!! On a side note my company is replacing me now that I am leaving for law school, and we had a recent UofT engineer apply, on his resume under qualifications he had "admitted to the #1 and #2 universities in Canada". I felt pretty amazed by that guy, wish we could all say the same.
  10. All residences suck and are expensive. If you are unlucky and don't get a space with other grad students you will have to live with 17 and 18 year old first years. Find a space off campus. I looked the other day and there are tons of postings on Kijiji.
  11. https://bond.edu.au/intl/future-students/bond-international/bond-your-country/canada But dude didn't you see this video our friend @Yabbie should go to Bond, so we can be jealous of the weather. Never mind Auckland, I am completely sold on Bond myself!
  12. I understand where you are coming from man, I have concerns about my future at law school as well. I am an engineer from a "pretegious" university in Ontario that is already working in industry. In my field lakehead and windsor grads are basically a joke. I had to ignore that and understands that engineering (undergrad) != law (also undergrad but not really). I am excited to see what the future holds for me, but I have similar apprehensions. It took a while for me to get over this, and in someways I continue to have the same worries as you.
  13. Where do you get this information from about it being shaky? by the contrary in Ontario Windsor and Brock are viewed as "jokes". Popular phrase here is if you can walk and talk you can go to Brock. Maybe focus less on the schools and more on the programs would be better for your future career and education.
  14. Email comes a while after your acceptance comes through. Took 3 weeks for me
  15. Don't worry about the incomplete, its some sort of glitch with that website. It will go directly from incomplete to accepted/rejected/waitlisted when they make the decision on your file.
  16. After I saw your post I wanted to check my account and I noticed the interest as well. I just called my school to ask, if they are right they said that the interest will be "removed" once the school confirms your enrollment again for 2L. Call your registrars office and ask them
  17. Aren't you just a 0L basically confirming what the actual lawyers in this thread have said? That the stigma is only between us lowly 0L's?
  18. You don't know until you practice, I raised my final test day score nearly 20 points. Its different for everyone, your gpa is too high to give up already.
  19. Considering it says Mcgill requires the LSAT.... On a side note these kinds of websites are spooky to me. Most of the articles appear to be made by bots, and they advertise wide and far with bots as well. Our friend @Jilo here will mostly likely never post on the forum again, and will write an article about the best 5 pants to wear to an interview tomorrow morning. This is a future I am not prepared for. Is there a law school I can go to where the internet is banned please?
  20. If you provisionally accept somewhere else it will say this. Shouldn't worry too much
  21. If you work full time every summer of undergrad, even at minimum wage you're at $8,960 before taxes. Sprinkle in some part time at minimum wage during studies and an entrance bursary or two and you can make out ok for yourself. Now consider I did labor (construction) with nearly unlimited overtime and there you are with no student loans and a car. I don't think its that bold to assume that, a minority of students graduate without debt, but are not quite vocal about it. I appreciate this point, I think I took the work ideal a little too literally. In the context of this thread that would be ideal you are correct.
  22. Personal insults are not needed when someone questions your train of thought, and there is no such thing as an ideal situation so striving for one would be a reason as to why it would take several weeks for a move. Pretty standard plan, especially for young people. If you are in fact a 97, you'll just be finishing up your exams now for your final term, and either going back to your folks place, or starting work (ideally both). In my eyes there appears to be no significant obstacles. To make this a civil discussion, what barriers are in place that would require you to spend more time than @BabyRhinoRainbow and I when moving away for law school? I am a person that "lives light". I always sublet apartments instead of lease, I have no student loans, and am fortunate enough to own a new car that fits EVERYTHING I own in one trip. I have already informed the principal at my company that I am leaving for law school come the end of August, and depending on were else I get into will sublet an apartment in that town.
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