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  1. Just my two cents, not sure if you will find it valuable. I moved to Calgary from downtown Toronto several years ago to attend UofC. I had previously completed my undergrad at UofT St. George campus. With that campus in mind, I thought living near UofC would be a good plan. However, to this day I would describe the UofC campus as suburban. There is a grocery store about a 20 minute walk from campus, and some big box/chain-type shopping. If you enjoy that lifestyle, then by all means take a look for housing near campus. Otherwise, I would suggest looking at neighbourhoods with good transit access, that offer a lot more amenities. Kensington/Sunnyside has an LRT stop, which makes access to UofC very convenient. It also has tons of restaurants, shops, a big grocery store, river access, etc. There are other options too, but I won't go on in case you are looking for a more suburban lifestyle.
  2. I declined my offer, so I won't have any more insight to offer to this thread. Good luck!
  3. I asked! The game's not over yet, haha.
  4. I was informed that entrance scholarships will be offered via a separate email in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Accepted today - I believe my AGPA on the 4.5 scale is 4.05 (self-calculated), 162 LSAT (one write). Did anyone receive any information about entrance scholarships? I'm about 99.9% sure I will be declining this offer.
  6. Is there any particular reason that you want to live downtown? Calgary's downtown is essentially a business centre, and everything closes around 5 or 6pm. Not that I would discourage you from living there, but there are far more vibrant neighbourhoods to choose from. I'm currently in Marda Loop, which is a great community about a 10 minute drive or 20 minute bus ride from the law school. Sunnyside/Kensington would also be a good option with easy transit access (C-Train), but it's typically more expensive. Mission might be a more difficult commute, but it's also a cool neighbourhood.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to offer your insight on the topic, and for your open offer of assistance. I will consider the points you've made, but I think what is most telling to me is that despite your compelling list of pros, especially those specific to social justice, my immediate reaction is somewhat defensive. Maybe I was hoping no one would tell me that Osgoode really might be a better choice, haha.
  8. I am fortunate to have offers from both of my top-picks for law school: UCalgary and Osgoode. I am very heavily leaning toward choosing Calgary. Unfortunately, I can't shake the feeling that turning down Osgoode is somehow foolish or ill-advised. Admittedly, I think my reservations are linked to the concept of prestige. So essentially, I'm hoping to lay out my thought process and ask if I'm missing some glaring reason that should compel me to study at Osgoode. I am from Toronto, but I work and live in Calgary. I have built my home in this city, complete with a strong network of supports. The social justice issues to which I have dedicated my career, and that strongly influenced my decision to apply to law school, are issues that I feel are concentrated in the Prairie region. I'm not positive that I will stay forever, but I have no desire to leave any time soon. I have worked in the criminal justice field for the past several years, and I am fairly confident in my intention to pursue criminal law. I am hoping that the connections I have made within the field will work in my favour throughout law school and beyond. I have little to no connection or support in Toronto. Course breadth in criminal law appears to be somewhat stronger at Osgoode, but adequate at Calgary, especially with the opportunity to volunteer at Student Legal Assistance. The cost of attending also weighs heavily in my decision-making, with both tuition fees and the cost of living significantly lower in Calgary. I will also maintain casual employment opportunities in Calgary, without the added stress of applying and interviewing. So, am I missing something?
  9. I got my offer on OASIS on December 11, just received both the physical letter and the email today.
  10. In queue November 20, Accepted December 11 LSAT 162 CGPA 3.54 (L2 3.85-ish, strong upward trend from 1st to 4th year) I suppose likely strong LORs, ECs, about 4 years of relevant work/research experience. I'm surprised but ecstatic to get an offer so early!
  11. Got my offer at 15:02! I'm so incredibly excited. LSAT: 162; L2: 3.85.
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