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  1. I received 2 emails. One notifying me I got in off the waitlist and another with my offer letter.
  2. Got in off the waitlist at 12:30 today! cGPA: 3.57 LSAT: 158 Declined my provisional acceptance to Windsor
  3. Congrats!!! Did you receive an email?
  4. Does anyone know the likelihood of movement on the waitlist before July 3rd?
  5. For those who have requested a new transcript with their fall grades, how do you pay the transcript fee? Do I follow the same steps as before and click on the "Review and Submit" tab on OLSAS?
  6. Congrats!! Was your personal statement really catered towards University of Ottawa? And when did you submit your application on OLSAS?
  7. That's very encouraging! When did you get accepted / were you waitlisted?
  8. Congrats! Just wondering when you submitted your application on OLSAS and if anyone has any idea if the timing of your application has an impact on when your application would be reviewed.
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