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  1. Hi - I am a 0L who wants to give a bit of perspective about getting into a "prestigious" Canadian law school with apparently sub-par grades. I was promoted from waitlist to offer at the University of Toronto Law School in mid-early July with a 3.60 (best of 3 years using the OLSAS calculator) and a 164 LSAT written in January. My undergrad was in engineering co-op. It seems like no one ever talks about getting into U of T with under a 3.8 and 166 combined or else people make it seem like those are required minimums, so my points to people who are considering law school are as follows: 1. Medians are not minimums - by definition, 50% of people will get BELOW the typical 3.8/166 combination. 2. A holistic application component is not to be underestimated. 3. Don’t lose hope if you’re applying to a “holistic” school and your marks/LSAT aren’t the medians or higher. Of course aim for higher than the medians if possible, but don't give up hope if you're not there. I hope this post can give some people perspective in the way that marks and LSAT are not always everything and you don't necessarily "need" the 3.8/166 to be considered at a school like U of T (for example). Good luck to everyone!
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