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  1. Just make sure they will also show up on your home school transcript! Then you don't need a WES caluclation! 👍
  2. I think if anything study abroad aided my application. Moving to a foreign country where you're studying alongside people from unique backgrounds is an incredible opportunity for personal and academic growth. I don't think there is an assumption that everyone goes on exchange to take "easier" courses, either. I can't confirm, but I actually think my study abroad grades may have not been included in my GPA calculations for law school (this isn't definite- just a guess based on my own self calculations... I did still have to send in transcripts, though). I would advise you to confirm with your home school, though, well-before applying to law school whether or not your exchange courses will show up on your transcript (as Pass/Fail courses). If not, you will have to have your exchange transcript calculated by WES which is slow and expensive- so be prepared and do it early if you have to! Go on study abroad and have the best time of your life!!!
  3. The UBC on campus gym is $35/month for its basic membership, but is insanely busy. Often times you can't find an available machine because it's so busy. With that said, they have recently opened a second location since I graduated from my undergrad at UBC, so it may be less busy, but I am doubtful. Here's more info: https://recreation.ubc.ca/fitness-classes/memberships-rates/ There is also a Gold's Gym on campus that is more expensive but less busy. Unless you are living in a residence at UBC with a fitness room, I believe those are your best options for on campus. If you're living off campus there are too many options to list- it would depend more on what neighbourhood you're living in. Hope that helps!
  4. thanks for the responses! I think I will stick with my current one for now 😀
  5. Is it recommended that you purchase a new laptop before starting law school? I’m currently using a 2013 MacBook Pro that has some upgraded parts, but isn’t in perfect working condition. I’ve heard that exams are done on your laptop so I’m assuming a newer and more reliable laptop is best, but shelling out another $1,500 is hard for me to justify when mine still works. I would appreciate any advice, thank you in advance!
  6. Could someone please confirm when the response due date is for “first round” offers? I’m assuming more offers will not be going out until these are accepted/rejected... here’s to hoping we hear soon though!
  7. I didn't do as well as I hoped on my first write, and decided to take a year off between undergrad and law school. I spent the year working while really trying to master the exam. Having the year to just focus on the exam and applications, as well as taking some time for self-care/reflection really reminded me why I want to go to law school and was the motivation I needed. I am 100% confident that the time-off is the reason I was able to finally do well on the LSAT, and gave me so many more options for schools. I also am so refreshed and excited to go back to school now. I think it's important to not think of it as a "lost year". There are so many opportunities for growth in taking time off (work experience, volunteering, travel...) that I know has helped me to mature, and will undoubtedly make me a better lawyer. Everything happens for a reason!! Good luck!
  8. Hi! Congratulations!! Do you remember if your application still said "App forwarded for review" just before getting the call, or were you put into another status category? Thanks!
  9. Have you phoned LSAC? I wouldn't be surprised if they allowed late registration for an additional fee...
  10. Hi Malina, I was wondering if you have any advice for those of us whose transcripts may be caught in the Canada Post Strike? My transcript was sent from my university on Oct 31 and still has not been recorded as received. I am just a bit concerned now that you have updated us that all received documents have been updated on our accounts. I would hate for my application to be delayed in its review because this transcript is caught up somewhere! Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!
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