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  1. If your L2 is 3.78, with 160+ LSAT you should be fine. I don't think holistic review necessarily means they will consider grades outside of your L2... Just means that place emphasis on more than just grades/LSAT like your personal statement/work experience/community service.
  2. How do most students take their notes at Dal Law? Pen and paper? Laptops? Are laptops frowned upon in lectures?
  3. Anyone know when they will make the official facebook group for class of 2022?
  4. @Coast225 I submitted all aspects of my application except for the LSAT score on November 30th. My January LSAT score was released February 15th, and I was accepted Feb. 25th.
  5. I am a 4th year Biology Student at Saint Mary's University applying to Schulich School of Law by November 30th. Cumulative GPA is currently sitting at 4.04/4.3. I have not yet written my LSAT, but am planning to do so on January 26th. I have already secured my references and have strong EC's including president of a university club and working as a teaching assistant. I know it is near impossible to state my chances of admission as I have not yet written the LSAT, but what score do you guys think I would need to achieve to gain admittance? I am aiming for a 160, but what minimum score do you think would still give me a good shot? (Nova Scotia resident)
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