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  1. Im not so sure about that. My L2 GPA is 3.92, but CGPA with my horrid first year is 2.8. U of A is the most generous to my GPA. Does anyone know the timeline of the waitlist, which is my only hope.
  2. I worked the heck out of the Powerscore Logic Games Training Volume I and II, did 8 hours a day for 5 weeks straight. Logic games were the biggest drag on the first two exams, the training there got me 20/23 correct instead of the usual 2 or 3 /23 . Then I somehow got lucky on LR in September, somehow both sections seemed easier to me than the past two exams. I think the key is intense dedicated training every day for a short period.
  3. Currently in my last year of a BA degree with a 3.92 L2 and a 2.8 CGPA ( I almost failed first year). I'm a horrible LSAT test taker, I took the June, July and September exams, I scored a 136, 147, and miraculously a 160 in September. I know U of A averages the scores, the average is 148. Is it even possible for me to get in with these stats ( last years admitted chart has people with 3.9 and a score of 150 getting in), perhaps I'd be on the waitlist? Or should I just retake the LSAT in January and hope for a better score?
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