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  1. I think it means that you have to let them know if for some reason you can't attend law school - even after paying your deposit (emergency, other opportunities, etc.) so they can admit someone on a waitlist!
  2. I am interested in tax law and would ideally be working in Toronto, but am open to working in Calgary, Vancouver as well. While my goal is to eventually work and partner at a boutique firm, I would be happy to work for a large corporate law firm to start (to be sure that I've chosen the right area) - just looking for some opinions/thoughts on the strengths related to each university for this particular area of interest. My parents will not be paying for law school and I am just finishing my undergrad (have not had the opportunity to make a whole lot of money), so money is a factor as well. Thoughts?
  3. Accepted ! OLSAS GPA 3.88, 166 LSAT - still not sure if accepting offer
  4. Quick question (kind of) related to this: Do a lot of law students live in housing on-campus (St.Johns and Green are the two mentioned in my offer letter), or do most opt for off-campus as a better/less expensive option? For some reason UBC housing has me very confused.
  5. Hi, I was recently accepted into U of T and a few other places and like many potential attendees, I am concerned about the cost. Would you consider the investment worthwhile re: getting a job and in terms of future success? Additionally, what are your thoughts on going to law school right after undergrad or taking a break to work first? Looking for advice of a 3L or recent grad of U of T
  6. Email this morning OLSAS GPA: 3.88 LSAT: 166
  7. Accepted with scholarship - LSAT: 166 - GPA: 3.91
  8. Just got the call as well!! OLSAS GPA: 3.88, LSAT 166, Last name A Congrats everyone!! This is so exciting:)
  9. Received the offer email yesterday! I think my UBC average is around 88% (?) and 166 LSAT.
  10. Hey, I'm also an accounting student about to graduate and am considering if I want to do law school or get my CPA first. If you start working soon, I would recommend fast-tracking your CPA. At my firm, if you quit the CPA program, you have to reimburse the firm for all fees paid (around 10,000 overall). I studied for quite some time for the LSATs, but I was able to study while working full-time during the summer. I would recommend taking in January or waiting until next September, and then applying for admissions next year as most places (except maybe UBC?) I believe are closed (although I could be wrong).
  11. I got in as well, GPA 3.95 (if best two years) and LSAT 166 Congrats to everyone - and best of luck to everyone still waiting
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