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  1. AJD19

    Access to PSLOC right away?

    I got acess to it right away in march
  2. Uvic is <10K, NB is similar. U of A prob next cheapest
  3. AJD19

    Turning 30 in 1L

    So I will be turning 30 a few weeks into 1L and have been feeling a little anxious about this lately. I do not have any kids, nor do I want any so I wont have some of the extra commitments other mature students might have. I also havent been out of university for an extended period of time. I graduated in 2016 but went back 2016/2017 to boost my GPA. Is there generally a fair amount of people in their late 20's starting law school? Could my age be an issue when seeking summer/articling positions? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. It is definitely true that classes taken after you have already obtained your degree, as an unclassified student, must be upper level to be considered. However, I have lower level (100 and 200 level) classes taken in my fourth year that counted in my L2. I could be wrong, but i was thinking if lower level classes taken anytime during your degree are counted, and if classes completely unrelated to a degree can also be used, perhaps the language classes OP took may be counted.
  5. Im in this cycle same L2, 156 lsat and 3.61 cgpa
  6. I dont even know how u handle ft work and ft school. I couldnt even handle pt school and ft lsat with no job
  7. AJD19

    Chances 149 LSAT and 3.8 GPA

    Its going to be extremely difficult to get into any school with a low 150's lsat let alone a 149. 1 or 2 outliers of <150 just show that its not impossible.
  8. Accepted today. L2: 3.9 CGPA-3.7 LSAT: 156
  9. AJD19

    Waitlisted at Calgary 2019

    Waitlisted Today L2:3.9 CGPA:3.7 LSATS: 155,156
  10. Even if they arent part of your degree it seems to me like they could still be included? I took 4 classes after I graduated as an "unclassified student" and these are used in my L20.
  11. AJD19

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Accepted Feb 11, in queue since November 27. CGPA- 3.61 L2: 3.85 LSAT: 155,156
  12. AJD19

    Access Queen's 2019

    I got in Access last year 3.61 CGPA 156 LSAT
  13. This will give you a good idea: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-u9luOkViBOYVM2bWFMcmJNcUpOZVBZY0lsTVpyOGRIaGFR/view
  14. AJD19

    What is the latest date to be accepted?

    First week of classes
  15. I got in with almost identical stats (4.0, 156), plus im from BC so you have the maritime connection going for you as well
  16. AJD19

    Accepted to TRU 2019

    Ill likely be declining, unless I receive a scholarship which is a slim chance lol.
  17. AJD19

    Chances!? [3.31, 3.8, 154]

    Yup, 2 already(one november, one january offer). I knew going into this cycle it would be between like 2 schools. I applied more widely though to keep my options open and see what happens. I dont have much money at all. If you dont make much $, you can email most schools in advance and obtain fee waivers so the application fees are waived. I diddnt pay for any of the 5 ontario schools i applied to, except the mandatory 200$ OLSAS fee. Few other schools i had app fees waived as well, paid for maybe two.
  18. AJD19

    Chances!? [3.31, 3.8, 154]

    @futurelawyer2023 I diddnt bother going through the process to seek a deferal as I was still undecided on what school I should actually attend. I was also confident I could get back into the majority, if not all the same schools.
  19. AJD19

    Chances w/ 78.5% cGPA and 158 LSAT

    Bet my life your in
  20. Probably depends on the school, ive successfully done each though.
  21. 163 is already phenomenal, dont even need to improve at all if you have a good GPA