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  1. I was waitlisted last 2 years with similar L2, 156 LSAT, great work experience, LOR's, and EC's. I got into a fair share of schools though, and will be attending U of A. Im pretty confident you would get into U of A with your stats as is.
  2. OLSAS/ or directly to the school for schools outside Ontario. Some schools automatically generate an email i believe and then your reference can upload it through a portal
  3. BA geography minor history. I too just did a degree in whatever I was interested in as I knew I wanted to go to law school.
  4. To qualify the above, MacBook keyboards are good, however there have been a lot of complaints about the new keyboard design. I definitely prefer the keyboard of my 2015 MacBook pro in comparison to the new design.
  5. If you look at the applicant profile from 2018/2019, no one got in with your projected stats. You would need a high 160s LSAT to have a shot which is impossible for you given that U of A averages. If you get a fantastic LSAT you may have a shot at other L2 schools; your L2 is pretty low, however. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-u9luOkViBOYVM2bWFMcmJNcUpOZVBZY0lsTVpyOGRIaGFR/view
  6. AJD19

    Dal vs UVic

    Unless your from the east coast/wish to practice there, one would have to be damn near insane to choose Dal over Uvic. Not to mention its half the price.
  7. "Provide biographical information about yourself and outline your activities since high school (maximum 32 entries). This information is organized into 7 different categories". Your entries will be sorted chronologically within each category". Basically just your life experience since high school: work history, volunteer experience, academic honours/achievements, anything you want the admissions committee to know you've been up to. You also have to add a "verifier" for each entry. So for example my mentoring coordinator from Big Brothers and Big Sisters would be a verifier for my listed volunteer experience with the organization. .
  8. Great lsat, definitely have a chance. Whats your L2
  9. Definitely, hardship and how it molded me to be who I am today was the framework of my personal statement.
  10. Christ thats wild couldnt imagine being done/even starting law school at 22. <22 i couldnt even think straight and my main life goal was prob just to prestige 10 times on call of duty
  11. One one my references asked me to do this as well. I too found it quite strange writing from this perspective.
  12. Id choose Windsor as you want to practice in Ontario. If you know you want to practice within a certain province, it just doesn't make sense to study elsewhere, unless you diddnt have any Ontario acceptances. If you went to Dal, of course you would have a fairly good shot at making it back to Ontario, however it would definitely involve more work. Im only a 0L, so my knowledge on this is limited but it appears it would be more beneficial/easier to network with local firms. Moreover, its much easier logistically to attend interviews. Also, more of your peers will be Ontario based than if you attended Dal.
  13. Its not overly burdensome to write, basically the same as the written component on LSAT's.
  14. I applied access/discretionary to maybe 2 schools out of almost every school in Canada. I got into Osgoode without access/discretionary. The school I am attending (U of A) also doesn't even have an access category.
  15. Christ that's not too bad at all. Ill have almost 200K of student debt when I graduate. Just the way she goes.
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