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  1. I also have a professional student line of credit and government loans. I dont think it has to be exhausted, but you may have to be receiving government loans to receive bursaries. Im not 100% on this though. Id email gloria at [email protected] with any questions.
  2. Yes, there was applications due for 1L's in August I believe and upper years had until September. This was for entrance scholarships and for the law bursary which comes out in December. There are also supplementary bursaries through U of A you can apply for at any time. I think thinks have changed though, so im not 100% how things are working now. I think you're also automatically considered for some awards. You could email gloria and inquire. We had to submit applications by April 1 this year. For reference, last year I filled out the one application that was due September 2020. I received about 11K in December, and got another 6K through the general U of A supplementary bursary application.
  3. I did this, I did a victory lap as an unclassified student.
  4. I applied to legit every school in the country(other than in Quebec).🤣
  5. Although, it wasn't an official exchange, I spent most of this school year in Europe. I don't see why it would be a big deal. Must be some chance.
  6. Yea you can. Ive seen this happen with people who do the bachelors paralegal program in BC, and subsequently attend law school. Their graduation is usually pretty late.
  7. Some updates: "A group of about a dozen of us students have been independently putting together a nice long letter, which includes some background on the increase, points on why students/members of the public disagree with it, and potential actionable steps students may be willing to take. We really want to make this letter really easy for everyone to support and sign, so we wanted to ensure we had the full, broad range of reasons why people were opposed to the tuition increases. We’re pretty sure we have most of it done now, but want to ensure that we aren’t missing any reasons people are upset about this. I also wanted to give as transparent as possible an explanation on what progress we have made so far. I got a chance to speak to Dean Billingsley after class on Tuesday (before her follow-up letter came out) and hammered a bunch of the stuff I saw from Facebook/social media. She pretty much gave the same reply as she did in the email: 1. This is being rushed forward because of a short window of opportunity from the provincial government, 2. They are going to increase bursaries in an attempt to save face, and 3. They didn’t intend on the email sounding as “divide and conquer”. What she did not mention in the email, but said in class was: 1. that this increase was also a result of a handful of profs retiring and no financial planning for their replacements, 2. Fearful they won’t get a chance like this for a while again, they want to increase the tuition really high to “future-proof” it, and 3. Students are free to protest/call media/etc. against the increases. Our group has also been advocating to professors to speak up against this increase. I also got to question the President of the Law Society of Alberta on this, luckily she was speaking in another class of mine. We were talking about the responsibilities and scope of the Law Society of Alberta, specifically regarding their job of protecting the public interest and their strategic plan that includes equity diversity, inclusion, and she was shocked by the increase and said she had no idea. She also said that although the law society does potentially speak up for the public interest, this was not on their radar. But she did mention she is meeting with the Dean to speak about other diversity things in a few weeks, so hopefully based on our pressure she at least mentions it. It is also good to know that now the law society knows about this increase, at least at the president level (not sure about at the committee level though, where actionable change can actually take place). Hopefully more external organizations pick up on this and also start contributing to the fight. Our group of students can also confirm that the Edmonton Journal is taking on this story! So that is great news. Not sure when that will be coming out, or who exactly they are speaking to, but this is undoubtedly increasing the pressure for our Dean. Also, other lawyers and alumni have been reached out as well, and many are already showing their opposition against the tuition increase/support for our group letter, and we are pretty sure at least one will also be speaking to the media about this. I know this is A LOT of reading— but after hearing from a ton of students about their concerns on lack of transparency and apparent action on this, we wanted to fill you all in that we are working hard to get the message out aggressively. I hope all this info helps with reducing anxiety and stress; know that we are fighting this. We do not need to oppose these increases forever, this is just a short window of opportunity they are rushing to meet, if we can disrupt beyond the deadline or get meaningful concessions, we win. Please share as needed for the classmates not on Facebook."
  8. I think this is the case, yes. Here is an excerpt from the email: "If approved, the RTI will take effect in September 2022 and will be fully grandfathered. In other words, existing JD students and students admitted to the JD program prior to September 2022 will NOT pay the increased tuition."
  9. Not sure if this information is advertised yet, but we received an email today that tuition is likely to be $16,967 beginning September 2022. Students beginning earlier will still pay the old rates. This is still subject to final approval, though.
  10. Great choice. Plus UVIC is even cheaper for a better city/campus.
  11. Deosits were always $1000. It was just due in 2 installments previously
  12. I had these identical stats and was admitted January 2019. Thats too bad things seem to be different this year
  13. Not beyond 135. I only got 121 to begin with. He did also say they may move it to 150 soon. If they ever do offer more, he said its a pretty simple process to apply for the extra amount.
  14. Yea I was just in at Scotiabank getting a higher limit for my PSLOC and the guy said there has been a pretty significant increase in payment defaults as of late.
  15. I don't think calling would do any good. Your stats are fire, basically guaranteed acceptance.
  16. Definitely rule out DAL off the bat. Id go with Calgary, but since you want to practice in BC, TRU could be the one to go with.
  17. $0 savings probably had 70K of debt.
  18. I lived in graduate residence. It was okay, but its very over priced. Def better off living off campus.
  19. Especially with your GPA, its not necessary to re-write a 162
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