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  1. Id gamble my entire PSLOC you'll get in at U of A
  2. I felt the exact same way in 4th year. I ended up taking 2 years off.
  3. I wouldn't consider Dal at all if you want to practice in BC/Alberta. Go to school where want to practice, or at least as close as possible. BC/AB tuition is also like half the price of Dal.
  4. Last resort? Family? Established life in Windsor?
  5. You can get an lsac fee waiver so u dont have to pay for the lsat. Just fill out the forms and bring it to your local law school for approval. You can also get your application fee waived at ubc and uvic.
  6. God no. You have to have your transcripts sent by your uni to wherever you apply. With regard to reference letters, you input your referee info and they will receive an email and they upload it directly. For some schools your referee will email it direct to admissions.
  7. ya waitlisted. Im at U of A though so its all good
  8. I didn't get in last 2 cycles with 3.9 L2, 3.7 cumulative, 156 LSAT, extensive work experience and EC's
  9. Why are you letting who talks to you impact your experience of law school, this absolutely baffles me. Just go to class and do your work. I could literally come here everyday for 3 years and be completely content if no one ever spoke to me lol. Its not high school you don't need to penetrate any groups. Im sure you'll find at least 1 or 2 people you click with.
  10. Im not sure about merit based, but I got fee waivers from 3-4 Ontario schools based on financial reasons
  11. In 100% dont re write if u of a is your first choice
  12. Nah im an introvert and pretty awkward as well lol
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