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  1. You'll be fine to get a PSLC, I had like 80K of debt and still got it no problem.
  2. Graduate Residence isn't too bad at U of A, and only about a 1 min walk.
  3. Lord Jesus no. Could be worse though. You have the GPA down, just improve your LSAT to 157+
  4. I believe it is separate. I didn't receive a entrance scholarship but I received a scholarship in October, and then law bursaries come out in December. You can also apply for the general U of A bursary . I received almost 10K and have still yet to apply for the U of A general bursary
  5. Those are pretty solid stats, youll prob get in elsewhere if u applied widely.
  6. I got into most schools in Canada with slightly higher stats, about 3.9 L2 3.61CGPA, and 156 LSAT.
  7. it wasn't over 3.9. Check out the applicant profile the law school posts.
  8. I didn't apply, however of the people I know that applied, many have interviews in both Edmonton and Calgary
  9. I dont think it will be that much higher, even if it rose 10% (which it won't) thats only like $1200.
  10. Id say a bit below an average shot. Your L2 is low
  11. Im not sure where your other acceptances are; but looks like you got into Ottawa. Living in Ottawa Vs Saskatoon.... no one in the right mind would choose Saskatoon lol. Unless your from/have family there.
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