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  1. I wouldn't say they're negative lol. One was an inquiry with a 174 LSAT choosing TRU first. I was just curious why they would choose TRU over any other school in the country. With regard to this thread, while I do think TRU is a good school, I just don't think there is anything that "unique" or "special" about it in comparison to other schools.
  2. Half the price for a better school on every metric. No brainer
  3. Just curious, why are you choosing TRU with stats like that?
  4. Why were u so pessimistic about TRU. I got in for 2019 cycle in November with worse stats
  5. Ah, valid. Was thinking just in law student context.
  6. Competition as a 1L just seems synonymous with more anxiety to me 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  7. Wouldnt this benefit the majority of people. Averaging sucks, and like every other school in the country already uses the highest LSAT.
  8. They use the exchange semester
  9. Why choose? I do both 😎
  10. I did a victory lap haha. Just took 2 classes a semester for the year. But it was useful as these 4 classes bumped out an average exchange semester from my L2.
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