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  1. Im from BC as well and not gonna lie I am definitely enjoying the cheaper cost of living in Alberta.
  2. Id go to U of C 100000%. Way sicker city, more established school, and TRUs tuition is highway robbery at 20K
  3. A law degree is no guaranteed ticket to a "fancy" life. There a chance you could have even made more/as much with your MA degrees. Not to mention another 3 years of lost income.
  4. I wouldn't say an hour is that much longer than a standard commute anywhere. I couldn't see that being much of a problem. Except, perhaps with regard to social events.
  5. that sounds like a bunch of non sense. Just go to school where you want to live/practice
  6. Feb 13. I filled out part B and im a mature student; factors that also perhaps played a factor.
  7. Im at u of a now and did my undergrad at uvic. Dont get me wrong u of a is a good school and its a great program. But youd have to be damn near insane to choose it over uvic. Unless, your set on practicing in Alberta/ have your life setup here.
  8. I got in last year with almost identical stats (3.61 cgpa 156 LSAT)
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about entrance scholarships. A lot of $ goes out during the fall semester
  10. If it was an exchange, I believe they skip over that semester.
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