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  1. About 20 days at U of A. Our January semester got pushed back a week from January 4 to the 11th,
  2. <150 your apps basically a write-off for any school. Even mid 150s you should have a shot. You should be able to raise your score fairly easily.
  3. No clue, i diddnt even think about it lol. Im at U of A.
  4. Easier than undergrad I think. The learning curve can be a bit of a bitch the first 2 months. But its not thaaat hard
  5. Fuck your parents/ what anyone says. Do you.
  6. Thats wild, the most ive done is read the first few sentences of the career services emails. 🤣
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-u9luOkViBOYVM2bWFMcmJNcUpOZVBZY0lsTVpyOGRIaGFR/view your good to go either way
  8. View Royal is good too. Im sure you could sort something out to move, or go back home if classes are online? Why are you so concerned with how nice people are though, just do you, grind out the school year and apply to transfer somewhere else. Fuck what anyone thinks, just live in a bubble, do things you enjoy. Its temporary.
  9. I loved it for many reasons its more of a small town vibe, and can easily make it to so many scenic areas in less than 5 minutes. Thetis lake is right there, and Langford lake. Goldstream is really close. Easy access to the malahat for up island trips Beaches are WAY less busy than in vic. Just passed royal bay at Albert head lagoon is really cool. Mechosen is beautiful as well and fairly close. Bear mountain is gorgeous, I lived up there on the golf course. Everything you need is out there, literally every big box store you could imagine. The highlands are cool. I think its just overall nicer as well, it kind of feels like North Van. Its nice being surrounded by forest. Rent is cheaper/less competition to find a place Newer places You avoid a lot of the congestion as noted in Victoria, traffic into the city has been a bit of a doozie from Langford though. The new Mckenzie Interchange will likely alleviate this though. I haven't been back since August 2019, so not sure if its completed yet and what impact its had. But no traffic the drive to Uvic is about 20 mins. Also as a sidenote regarding the ferry. Its like $17 each way to walk on the ferry, and theres a direct bus from the terminal in tsawassen to Richmond where you can thnn skytrain downtown.
  10. I lived in Victoria for 8 years and would not agree with anything GrumpyMountie said in their first 2 paragraphs. Traffic can indeed be bad though.I have lived all over Canada and Victoria is by FAR my favourite. Id probably live in Langford though if I were you just outside vic. Id just go for a few days, and check it out.
  11. post the books on amazon, I sold mine pretty quick there
  12. Not sure about this. I got in about mid January with 156/3.9
  13. It doesn't need to be assessed. Just send it right to OLSAS
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