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  1. Hopefully the interview works out for you, you deserve it.
  2. I couldnt imagine even applying with a score in the 140's
  3. I only talked about overcoming hardship and spun it into positive outcomes. I diddnt mention anything related to Law school/practicing law.
  4. Almost every common law school* lol. I diddnt apply in Quebec and that one in Moncton.
  5. Id stay in Alberta. Tuition is actually even cheaper ~12K. The 13,500 estimate includes 1500 for books.
  6. Waitlisted today CGPA-3.61 L2-~3.8 LSAT-155,156 Access
  7. Do you think it would be advantageous, career wise, to study in Alberta as it undoubtedly has a better legal market?
  8. I have already accepted my offer to U of A, and am fairly confident U of A is the better choice for numerous reasons, but just thought id see what others thought. Im from BC and have no preference where I live/practice.
  9. You should go back to uni to boost your L2. Those stats are never gonna do it for you.
  10. UBC 100000%. Its also like half the tuition.
  11. Congrats on the LSAT. Im sure you will have no issues getting in in the next year or two.
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