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  1. I can definitely confirm for 1L Dalhousie and U of A do not
  2. Christt your late to the game m8.
  3. Goood lord thats mind blowing to have a phD by 28, sweeeeet jesus.
  4. I was waitlisted last 2 years with similar L2, 156 LSAT, great work experience, LOR's, and EC's. I got into a fair share of schools though, and will be attending U of A. Im pretty confident you would get into U of A with your stats as is.
  5. OLSAS/ or directly to the school for schools outside Ontario. Some schools automatically generate an email i believe and then your reference can upload it through a portal
  6. BA geography minor history. I too just did a degree in whatever I was interested in as I knew I wanted to go to law school.
  7. To qualify the above, MacBook keyboards are good, however there have been a lot of complaints about the new keyboard design. I definitely prefer the keyboard of my 2015 MacBook pro in comparison to the new design.
  8. If you look at the applicant profile from 2018/2019, no one got in with your projected stats. You would need a high 160s LSAT to have a shot which is impossible for you given that U of A averages. If you get a fantastic LSAT you may have a shot at other L2 schools; your L2 is pretty low, however. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-u9luOkViBOYVM2bWFMcmJNcUpOZVBZY0lsTVpyOGRIaGFR/view
  9. AJD19

    Dal vs UVic

    Unless your from the east coast/wish to practice there, one would have to be damn near insane to choose Dal over Uvic. Not to mention its half the price.
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