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  1. I got rejected 2 years in a row with 3.9L2 and 156 lsat.
  2. I applied Access/mature yes to I think 2 schools. The bulk of my acceptances though were as as general applicant.
  3. If you have a good GPA even an average score is fine. I had no issues getting in a bunch of schools with a 156. Of course, though, shooting for a 160 should be the goal.
  4. Southwest is sick, if you have a car it doesnt really matter how far away you are. I def rather live farther out than near the uni.
  5. I made it through 1L without a suit, not all that necessary.
  6. You should immediately cancel hub. Literally probably isnt a worse place to live in the whole city. Also have heard nightmare stories about bug infestations. I lived in Grad res and it wasnt an issue leaving before the 11 month contract. Newton would be much better than HUB. 180% dont live there
  7. 163 is a sick score, couldn't imagine having to re-write that
  8. I wouldnt even buy them til you start classes and can probably get them off upper years for way cheaper. Honestly you could probably get by with just cans anyway lol; i diddnt open any of my 1L books🤷🏻‍♂️.
  9. Bear mountain+ mount finlayson is like a 25 min drive, its fuckin fantastic out there. Its literally not a "slog" at all to get to "natural" areas from Victoria. Anywhere just outside of Langford, Mechosen, Sooke, highlands. Head up the malahat 5 mins and its natural and rural af.
  10. Depends on the scale. I think for u of a my L2 is about a 3.9, ~3.7 cgpa, 156 lsat
  11. When i applied, I got into almost every school in the country with limited EC's.
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