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  1. Nope U of A. Probably 50-60K gov loans during undergrad. Then 130K for professional line of credit for law school. Seems fairly standard?
  2. If you had time in undergrad, youll have time in law school. Its really not any harder.
  3. 7% is like 800$ its not that big of a deal. Vancouvers housing market isnt like across the board outlandish, you can find reasonable options. Id go to Allard hands down
  4. Damn, so close to an acceptance with those stats. Surprised you diddnt get in.
  5. Literally do nothing. You could not even attend, get lit the night before and pass with common sense.
  6. your current comp is more than sufficient.
  7. I go to U of A but am looking to move back to victoria/langford for the summer. If you're looking for a roommate pm me! 🤗
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