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  1. @Another Hutzmade solid points in another post that has relevance here. It's best to go to law school in the same province where you want to work. This is because laws do differ between provinces, so you generally want to learn the law you'll practice, and it's far easier to obtain articles when living in the city you want to work in. It's easier to attend events, make connections, etc. I'm no employer but seeing UVic undergrad + UVic law school is not unusual. There's a bunch of UBC undergrad + UBC law school resumes out there. Having a unique educational history may be an interesting topic of conversation or possibly relevant to the work it self, but it's not necessary. People choose schools for many different reasons, e.g. family, friends, opportunities, having roots, specialization, etc. "Mixing it up a bit and trying something new" is all well and good as long as it doesn't make it significantly harder to get to where you want to go. .
  2. Rejected April 23. 155,156/~3.7
  3. Last year i was like 160+ on the waitlist. Re-applied this year and got an offer in March. My stats were identical, legit nothing changed. Blows my mind how thats possible lol.
  4. Some schools want you to confirm if you actually want to be on the waitlist.
  5. You can access the financial questionaire by logging into Uzone--> click finances and jobs tab--> look under "quick links" heading and you will see financial questionaire
  6. You have to fill out the financial questionnaire
  7. Lol you have a great shot at literally every school in the country. No need to feel lost, you're good to go.
  8. Definitely not. I think the IPC is a huge plus. I havent looked that far into it but i dont think you need to article? TRU's tuition is also closer to like 22K/year.
  9. If you want to practice in Ontario, go to Lakehead.
  10. Id leave the LSAT and do an extra semester to bump up your L2
  11. I heard back end of April last year for access category at Western.
  12. You should get into other L2 schools.Only thing holding you back from u of a is that they average lsats. If that werent the case, you would have got in in January.
  13. Your not far off auto accepting at u of a. Just bring your lsat up a bit
  14. I got in last year with almost identical cgpa and L2 and 156 LSAT.. Get your LSAT to at least 156+ and you will have a good shot
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