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  1. If you want to be really close to campus (within short walking distance), I recommend the Annex Area (places around Bloor and Spadina). Rent prices near campus are by no means cheap, but you can find an older building to rent in here for less Money than a brand new (tiny) condo elsewhere. I would use a website like Realtor.ca to find listings of places, people even advertise places to rent on kijiji. Call a real estate agent, and they can probably give you a good timeline of when you should be looking, what the market is like for rentals, and can guide you through the process of finding a place. Good luck!
  2. Just got the call, email is apparently being sent out later today. 3.81 (OLSAS GPA), 161 LSAT. Very excited! Now to wait for that email ...
  3. Hey! I provisionally accepted an offer to a school but I have a couple of questions about it. 1. Can other schools see that I provisionally accepted somewhere else? 2. Can I change my provisional acceptance to a firm whenever I want? Thanks for the input!
  4. Not a problem! One last update: my offer has shown up on OLSAS!
  5. Further update: called Osgoode today. Admissions office said the offers ARE valid. We should be receiving letters by the end of the week (again, the strike, so make of that what you will). Apparently because admissions was so early there are processes they go through before putting it on OLSAS that haven't been done yet. She's going to phone me back on Thursday and let me know what the OLSAS situation is. I'll let you know then!
  6. I think they send the email after they update it on OASIS (I got my email roughly 1 day after). I've also been waiting about a week now for OLSAS to update, and they said they haven't received anything from Osgoode yet, so it could be a while longer!
  7. Update: I contacted OLSAS yesterday and they said they haven't received any files from Osgoode yet. So I guess we'll keep waiting...
  8. No Osgoode email address for me either!
  9. Hi! For any of you that have been accepted: has anyone's OLSAS updated with an offer/ has anyone yet received their letter of admission in the mail? I know there's a Canada post strike so it could take a while. Wondering if anyone knows the timeframe to expect these. Thanks for the input!
  10. Accepted yesterday. LSAT: 161 cGPA: 3.85 Does anyone else think it's weird we got accepted in mid-November? Finding it hard to believe...
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