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  1. Dont listen to anyone with "Hobbes" in their name unless you want to get a dark picture of human existence. In all seriousness, the OP is likely higher up in the class than the top 20-40%, and you can find out how well you did by speaking with your professors and administrators. Well done!
  2. I'm in midtown, about 50 minutes away from the York Campus by TTC. Even though we're looking at remote learning, I'm thinking of moving to campus for the possibility of a community there, and in case any in-person opportunities open up. Do you/ did you live on campus? Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I've been offered a "split level" apartment at Passy and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to take it or stay where I am. Does anyone have any experience living in one of these apartments? What is it like? Thanks!
  4. I applied under the Access category and I have not heard anything from Queen's. However, I take issue with the claim that Western is more holistic, since you haven't given us any evidence for this and you run the risk of giving people false information. I was rejected from Western with a standard letter as an Access candidate and this experience did not give me the impression of a holistic approach. Any claims about the approach of the schools to admissions must be based on transparent, aka visible, elements of their practices. I am not nitpicking your post but actually trying to make an important point for all those who like myself will read the forums during the waiting period. With all the assumptions and anxious energy pervading the minds and bodies of law school applicants, the less prevalent these baseless claims about what schools are more or less holistic are, the better. At the end of the day it should probably be acknowledged more frequently that we don't really know much as candidates and we are mostly speculating. The only school that can be factually differentiated as holistic based on a transparent element of its admissions process is Osgoode insofar as the committee interviews select candidates.
  5. I was accepted yesterday (although OASIS says May 13th) and I have until May 28th to decide. I had an interview at Osgoode on May 1st. I got a 157 on the LSAT, my OLSAS calculated CGPA was 3.29, and I filled out Part B for special circumstances.
  6. I thought I would chime in in regards to the idea that you need to aim for a 164+ to have a shot as an access candidate. Of course, you should aim to do as well as possible on the LSAT, but your score will not be the be all and the end all of your application. I believe that admissions committees are interested in candidates who have persevered through hardships as it sounds like you have. Even with a 3.12 CGPA, I believe that you would be given consideration by holistic schools with an average LSAT score, combined with a well crafted application and good academic references from people who see your potential. I scored a 157 on the January LSAT (I bombed the Logic Games), and my CGPA as calculated by OLSAS was 3.29 -- it was quite low due to extenuating circumstances in my fourth year, which I detailed on my application -- so I was anxious about my prospects. I was recently admitted to Osgoode and, with the exception of Western, I have not been rejected from any Canadian schools (I didn't apply to BC schools, Lakehead, Windsor, or to U of T). I am confident that my application is being given careful consideration by the schools I have yet to hear from. Basically, do your best on the LSAT, be confident in what you bring to the table as an applicant and aim to have that come across on your application, and most importantly don't compare yourself too much to others on this forum in terms of stats and what people say is or isn't possible. Good luck!
  7. Is anyone else getting an error when they try to log in to view their application?
  8. In queue March 5th. Filled out Part B.
  9. Hello everyone, My application to Dal has recently been updated and currently says "Application type: Previous Academic Work". Does anyone see something similar? Can anyone speak to what this means? Thanks!
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